2012  JLG  1250AJP  Diesel  $77,950.00  For Sale


NLEQ# 140223, 2480 Hours, Diesel,4WD,Self-Propelled,Jib, 125, 131

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    Articulating Boom Lift

NLEQ ID: 140223

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A telescoping boom lift, also called a man lift are a widely used, piece of equipment found around the world. These machines are often used in the construction and repair industries. It is made up of a platform and an extendable boom that can stretch forward and upward from the vehicle . In repair work, the most widely used attachment for a man lift is a man lift cage and the most widely used application is to transport workers and equipment to normally unobtainable places. For instance, a knuckle boom lift can be used to access high areas such as the top of a silo or a bridge. The latter application would otherwise require a bucket truck, which may not be practical or time-efficient on a work site. In agriculture, the articulating boom lift, also known as a aerial lift, is a type of equipment that is commonly used for jobs such as the maintenance of tall orchards. The lift's articulated arm allows the operator to reach high places and move around obstacles, making it ideal for tasks that require accuracy. Additionally, an aerial boom lift can be used for spraying pesticides in hard-to-reach areas and also for general maintenance of farm buildings. Used articulating boom lifts are a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to reach high locations without the cost of purchasing unused equipment. It is important to note that used equipment should be thoroughly inspected by a qualified technician before operation to ensure that it is safe and in good functioning order. If you are looking for an articulated boom lift for sale you have arrived at the right place. Search our site for great deals on used man lifts.