Used Snorkel TBA60 For Sale


A telescoping boom lift is perhaps one of the most useful construction machines. With the right telescoping boom lift, you can lift both heavy objects and workers to higher elevations.

In case you are in search of a good straight boom lift, don’t hesitate to consider our used Snorkel TBA60 straight boom lift for sale! These pieces of equipment are superior machines that are useful in several different tasks, and they could take on several different roles at the job site.

Purchasing used construction equipment might seem like a strange option, but it is certainly quite viable for businesses that do not possess a lot of capital. The most important thing is that most used straight boom lifts can still perform as well as a new one!

Why and when you will need a straight boom lift

A straight boom lift is a piece of machinery made to help you lift heavy objects or workers and elevate them to higher grounds, reducing the time needed to complete a project. This piece of construction equipment comes with a straight extendable and retractable boom, operated by an operator in the cabin, much like how one would extend or retract a telescoping. Thanks to this design, many people also call it a telescoping boom lift. The end of the boom features a working platform that has plenty of room for a worker to stand on, allowing them to complete their tasks with ease.

Naturally, a straight boom lift is commonly employed in construction or engineering projects, when you have to bring workers to higher elevations to complete tasks on the roof or the ceiling. {However|That said, telescoping boom lifts are also usable in many agricultural projects as well, as the working platform could be employed to help farmers harvest fruits without any risk of accident.

Used Snorkel straight boom lift for sale: A solid solution

Our used Snorkel TBA60 straight boom lifts for sale sit among the most reliable models from the brand Snorkel. Boasting top-tier flexibility and performance, these machines will complete their assigned tasks with minimal effort from the operator. Even if they are used models, our used straight boom lifts for sale can still catch up with newer models because of the fact that construction equipment does not receive yearly updates as phones do. It could take years before a game-changing updates in the design are released.

When buying used construction equipment, you will only need to wait for the delivery time, as the machine is ready for purchase at the dealership. If you buy a new piece of construction equipment, you might have to wait for the models to be manufactured first, which could elongate the waiting time.

In case you are looking for the right used Snorkel TBA60 straight boom lifts for sale, National Lift Equipment will certainly be a great choice of companion. With over 20 years of experience in the field, we firmly believe that we can provide reliable solutions regarding your needs for construction equipment. We are ready for contact if you need more information!

A straight boom lift, also referred to as a straight man lift, is a durable machine designed for carrying workers, tools, and materials to high elevations in a range of industrial settings, including building, telecom, and maintenance. It features a straight, telescoping boom that reaches outward and upward to provide a stable basket for workers to complete their tasks.

Straight aerial lifts come in multiple sizes and capacities, with working heights that can reach 70 to 180 feet or higher. They also feature a continuous 360-degree turntable rotation and a robust hydraulic system which allows for smooth and controlled movements even at full height.

These versatile lifts are equipped with a range of safety features to ensure that operators are protected while they complete their work. They include guardrails, hydraulic outriggers, emergency lowering systems, platform capacity sensors, as well as automatic shutdown systems.

Straight boom lifts are widely used in building for tasks such as painting, facility upkeep, window washing, and electrical work. But, they are also used in telecommunications, energy, and other industries for a variety of applications that require elevated access. Whether you are a building manager or a maintenance worker, a straight aerial lift is an investment that can provide long-lasting value for your operations.