Used Bil-Jax Articulating Boom Lift For Sale

Are you searching for used Bil-Jax articulating boom lifts for sale? The Bil-Jax boom lifts consist of a set of neat machines that are now integrated under a new name called Haulotte. These machines are mostly electric and many of them are towable. They are powered by an electric battery, which is charged by an on-board charging system. What is good about Bil-Jax vehicles is that they do not contain too much electronics. This means that the chances that something goes wrong are very low.

One of their best features is the self-leveling system, which is not present in some of the other major articulating boom lifts brands. This system allows all four outriggers to be deployed at the same time within 30 seconds. As a result, users are able to save a large amount of men hours. Another interesting feature is the generator platforms that are present in all the units. These platforms can be used for various types of generators that can be added by the operator of the boom lift.

Looking for Used Bil-Jax Articulating Boom Lifts For Sale

If you want to find a set of high quality used Bil-Jax articulating boom lifts for sale, make sure to check the type of boom available:

Bil-Jax Articulating Boom Lift

These machines are equally applicable to both outdoor and indoor terrains. This is due to the non-marking outrigger footpads that allow a great performance even on the roughest surfaces. All the guards on the machines are made out of steel, which provides a great deal of protection for the operator of the boom. In addition, the Bil-Jax boom lifts contain sizable onboard storage, which can be used for the optional material hook. It is important to note that most of the machines contain platform rotator. This is significant because it allows additional working space as well as various positioning options for the platform.

When it comes to the security of the machine, it possesses a ground control cover, which can be locked using a specialized pad in order to prevent any unauthorized access to the machine. Besides that, the lockable tumtable covers are also included and these are crucial for protecting all the major internal components. In order to provide its users with simplified machine operation, Bil-Jax boom lifts are equipped with a self-intuitive control system that allows operation from the ground station and platform.

Overall, you can be confident that these set of boom lifts will provide their users with the greatest industry value and will lift your business to the new heights. Make sure to check all the models and pick the one that fits the best for your needs. Used Bil-Jax articulating boom lifts for sale can be found on the National Lift Equipment (NLE) website and these are all in great shape and ready to be used. Regardless of which one you choose as your ideal machine, it will surely prove itself as a great and durable investment for the future of your business.