Used Genie TMZ50/30 For Sale


Genie towable boom lifts are high-functioning construction machines that can accomplish many jobs and accept many roles, but they are quite expensive themselves, so new businesses might have some issues getting one.

Fortunately, a viable alternative is always ready and waiting for you. If you are in need of good construction machineries without needing to pay an exorbitant bill, used Genie TMZ50/30 towable boom lifts for sale at NLEQ will certainly satisfy your needs.

Genie TMZ50/30 towable boom lifts: The future in your hand

As one of the trailblazing companies in the construction equipment industry, Genie has demonstrated themselves through series after series of successful lifting equipment. Founded in 1966 by the well-known innovator Bud Bushnell, Genie has been providing superb lifting solutions to clients since its first days. Having a profound understanding of the challenges their customers often come to contact with, the manufacturer focuses on creating smart and safe lifting machines that are able to keep workers safe and sound while taking on dangerous jobs. Genie TMZ50/30 towable boom lifts are some of such innovative solutions.

The Genie TMZ50/30 towable boom lifts are considerably more agile than other models thanks to the fact that they are attachable to a tow truck, allowing them to be moved to a new spot easily. This kind of boom lift shares more or less the same functions with a standard man lift, but it does not possess the wide range that standard man lifts do.

With a Genie TMZ50/30 towable boom lift, you can easily bring workers to higher grounds thanks to the aerial platform. This will help your employees to work on cables or overhead lampposts with ease, making this type of machine particularly helpful in construction or engineering job sites. For some agricultural jobs, a Genie TMZ50/30 towable boom lift will assist your farmworkers in reaching the treetops with ease, allowing them to easily harvest fruits without getting into accidents.

Will buying used Genie TMZ50/30 towable boom lifts for sale be a good idea?

The quick reply is yes, if you are an owner of a small company looking to cut down on operating costs for other expenses of your business. Buying a new piece of construction equipment can cost you a lot of money, leaving you with little cash left for other spending budgets. For this reason, whenever you need to cut down on your operating budget, getting used Genie TMZ50/30 towable boom lifts for sale is a good idea.

In case you are concerned about the quality of these used pieces of construction equipment, we can ensure that they are in functional conditions, as our experts have made sure to get inspection reports for the pieces.

Whether you need a dependable lifting machine or a heavy-duty one, our used Genie TMZ50/30 towable boom lifts for sale might just be what you need. For more information on this particular machine or any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know what you need!