Used Genie Z45/25DC For Sale

The Genie Z45/25DC is an articulating boom that boasts of an emission-free operation. Because it works quietly, it can be used indoors and anywhere else where a noise-free operation is necessary. If you’re looking for a used Genie Z45/25DC for sale, then you’ve come to the right place.

The Genie Z45/25DC is a self-propelled articulating boom run by DC power. This manlift is built even for the most demanding jobs. It has many industrial applications because of the sheer power of its 48V DC engine.

Used Genie Z45/25DC for Sale

The Genie Z45/25DC can work all day long. It can give you the power to do what you needed to do and go where you needed to go. This machine can work all day, thanks to its very efficient motor, zero tail swing feature, and superior maneuverability.

The Genie Z45/25DC may come with either a foam-filled or an air-filled pneumatic tire. This feature makes it ideal for almost any type of applications. This construction equipment has a maximum working height of 51 feet and 9 inches.

The Genie Z45/25DC is a bi-energy machine can lift up to two workers. It has adequate electrical power that allows it to run all its functions even with discharged batteries. Its offers precise control and positioning with its 90-degree self-leveling platform.

This model has efficient drive controls and proportional lift that make it easier for the operators to maneuver the machine for a smoother and more precise movement. Positioning is seamless, which means workers can go exactly where they need to be.

The Genie Z45/25DC can work even in the most confined spaces. It can even go up and over in congested areas. It has zero tail swing, which means there’s no need to rotate the turntable even if the area is rather crowded. This light-weight machine comes with a narrow build, making it suitable for indoor use.

This machine run by an electric 48-Volt drive system offers on-board battery charging. It has a fairly good battery life and can be charged with the 25-amp AC charger that’s included in the unit. Overall, the Genie Z45/25DC only weighs 15,350 lbs.

It has a maximum working height of 51 feet 6 inches and a maximum horizontal reach of 25 feet. This machine’s up and over clearance measures 23 feet 1 inch. The device’s lift capacity is at 500 lbs.

Where to Get Used Genie Z45/25DC for Sale

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