Buying a Used SkyJack SJ9250 Scissor Lift from NLEQ

At NLEQ, we are proud to offer a wide assortment of scissor lifts from manufacturers that you know and

trust. If you are looking for a high-quality and durable scissor lift at a great value, consider buying our used SkyJack SJ9250 scissor lift.

The Dimensions of the Used SkyJack SJ9250 Scissor Lift

The generous dimensions of this machine make it capable to help you accomplish a number of tasks in any number of job sites. These are the measurements that you will be working with when you buy this high-quality piece of construction equipment.

  • Working height: 56 feet
  • Raised platform height: 50 feet
  • Lowered platform height: 79 inches
  • Width: 92 inches
  • Length: 176 inches
  • Extension deck: 5 feet
  • Ground clearance: 8 inches
  • Wheelbase: 119 inches
  • Gradeability: 30%
  • Inside turning radius: 210 inches
  • Outside turning radius: 301 inches

The machine also weighs in at a hearty 15,200 pounds. This means that the used SkyJack SJ9250RT scissor lift is a sturdy and capable machine that is up to whatever task you need it for. You won’t have to worry about this piece of equipment feeling flimsy or shaky upon use.

The Capacity of the Used SkyJack SJ9250 Scissor Lift

This scissor lift has a maximum capacity of 1,500 pounds. When the machine has one extension deck in use, its main capacity is 1,000 pounds. When two extension decks are in use, the main capacity drops to 500 pounds. Other capacity figures are displayed below.

  • Front external capacity with one extension deck: 500 pounds
  • Front and rear external capacities with two extension decks: 500 pounds each (total of 1,000 pounds)

The SkyJack SJ9250 has a maximum person occupancy of five people.

Other Features of the SkyJack SJ9250 Scissor Lift

This scissor lift comes equipped with an axle-based 4WD system, disc brake system on the rear axle, a five-foot powered extension deck and your choice of diesel or gasoline engine. This particular machine also comes with tie downs/lift lugs and points for lanyard attachment.

The SkyJack SJ9250 scissor lift comes with some unique features, including a different type of rear differential and limited slip front differential that allows extension decks to be added to both ends. You will also enjoy Independent/Auto-leveling outriggers, a 110V AC outlet on a platform with GFI, and the capacity for use with telematics. This machine is enabled with a color-coded and numbered wiring system for ease of maintenance.

You can also expect the SkyJack SJ9250RT scissor lift to come with a tilt alarm as well as an all-motion alarm to help you use this machine safely.

When you buy your used SkyJack SJ9250 scissor lift from NLEQ, you can rest assured that you are buying a high-quality machine that will safely and effectively get the job done. Make sure to consider the dimensions of your job sites and the demands they place on your profession before deciding that this particular scissor lift is the one that you need.