Used Caterpillar Telehandler For Sale


A telehandler is certainly one of the most useful pieces of construction equipment around. With a good telehandler, you can lift items to high elevations without posing any risk to your men. Telehandlers are also much more versatile than your usual forklifts, being able to reach tight corners.

If you need to buy a telehandler, we’d definitely recommend you to check out our used Caterpillar telehandlers for sale. These telehandlers are extremely versatile, and their performance is truly remarkably good, making them a good and viable choice for both professionals as well as newbies in the field.

Caterpillar – An outstanding brand

Caterpillar is not a new name in the field of construction. They are a giant in the field who has been around since the start of the 19th century, providing innovative solutions and construction equipment to various customers around the world.

Their story begins with two rivals: Benjamin Holt and C. L. Best. At that time, steam tractors were extremely bulky and prone to errors, with some even sinking under unstable ground. In 1890, Holt solved the issue by inventing a tractor that can work much longer on the field than farmers could without sinking. Meanwhile, C. L. Best focused on early gasoline technologies to provide new innovations to his customers.

In the years following World War I, Holt and Best decided to join forces to bring forth newer and more innovative products to the customers, as well as to benefit from a larger dealership network. Even after the merger, the company has always stayed close to its original principle: to provide the means for people to build up communities and homes. Their top-quality products are the truest testaments to their commitment.

Why choosing used Caterpillar telehandlers for sale?

Most would probably choose to get new Caterpillars telehandlers instead of used Caterpillar telehandlers for sale, but it is actually not the best possible choice. Here are some reasons why:

  • Used telehandlers usually have the same performance as new telehandlers: The fact that new telehandlers get released later than used ones does not really mean that they perform better. Telehandlers aren’t your phones, so you won’t get new updates every single year. As a result, your used Caterpillar telehandler will have as many features as a new one.
  • Used telehandlers are readily available: If you are going for a new telehandler, sometimes, you might have to wait for that particular model to be produced. Meanwhile, if you go for a used Caterpillar telehandler for sale, the model is always ready, and you only have to wait for the delivery.

Whenever you need to find used Caterpillar telehandlers for sale, don’t hesitate to give us a call! NLEQ has been in the field for more than two decades, and we always make sure to deliver reliable used telehandlers as well as used construction equipment to your doorstep. For more information about our products as well as how to use them, don’t hesitate to let us know! Our professionals are always standing by to help.

A telescopic handler, also called a lull or a zoom boom, is a machine widely used in the agriculture industry. It is similar to a forklift but has a boom, making it more a crane than a forklift, with the increased versatility of a single telescopic boom that can extend upward and forward from the vehicle. The boom can be fitted with different attachments, such as a bucket or a muck grab.

In industry, the most widely used attachment for a teleporter is pallet forks and the most widely used application is to move material to and from places unattainable for a conventional forklift. For example, lulls have the capability to move palletized product from within a container and to place that product on to rooftops and other high locations. The latter application would otherwise require a crane, which is not always practical or time-efficient in a construction zone.

In agriculture the most widely used attachment for a lull is a bucket grab, and the most common application is to move loads from and to unobtainable for a ‘conventional machine’ which is typically is a wheeled loader or backhoe loader. For example, telehandlers are able to reach directly into a high-sided trailer or hopper. The latter application would otherwise require a conveyor, or something similar.