Used Genie S80 For Sale


Looking for a reliable piece of machinery to assist you in getting to higher grounds easily? Then you should certainly search for used Genie S80 straight boom lifts for sale! This piece of equipment comes with a straight boom, as well as a raised platform attached at the end. This design will allow the lifts to easily take workers or heavy objects to higher floors.

For start-up businesses, it might be tempting to buy new construction equipment, since it is supposed to be in mint condition. However, in case you are under budget constraints, buying used construction equipment is also quite rewarding.

Straight Boom Lifts: A Versatile Machine For Multiple Uses

Even if you are not a professional in the field, there are chances that you have seen a straight boom lift before. This piece of equipment features a manned cabin with four wheels and a boom, which comes with a flat platform at its end. The telescopic boom can be extended and retracted like a telescope, allowing it to reach farther and higher with ease. Unlike articulating boom lifts, the boom on straight boom lifts is completely straight. This makes a straight boom lift a superior choice for outdoor use.

This piece of machinery is commonly seen in a wide variety of operations, including both construction and agricultural projects. In agricultural projects, these machines can be used as equipment to help workers to get to the treetop, providing them with a means to harvest fruits without any risk. In the field of construction, if you employ a straight boom lift, it will be much easier to lift heavy objects or construction materials to higher floors without having to carry them by hand.

Why used Genie S80 straight boom lifts for sale are a good idea

Genie S80 Straight Boom Lift

Genie is a well-known manufacturer in the field, and their straight boom lifts certainly deliver top performance. However, if your business is just starting out, purchasing used Genie S80 straight boom lifts for sale could be a more attractive solution for various reasons.

For starters, new straight boom lifts are generally expensive, so buying one means that you will have little left to spend on other aspects of your business. However, if you purchase a used straight boom lifts, which is almost always cheaper, your budget can be allocated to other matters with ease.

Furthermore, if you get a used straight boom lift, there is a high chance that it is ready for shipping at the dealership, and you would only have to wait for the delivery. In contrast, sometimes, your requested new straight boom lift might not be for sale at a store, so you might have to do more waiting.

We at NLEQ stock some superb used Genie S80 straight boom lifts for sale around. Having prospered in the field for more than two decades, we will provide you with all the help you need when it comes to used construction equipment. Don’t hesitate to contact us now for more information!