Used JLG 1100SJP For Sale


Whenever you in need of used JLG 1100SJP straight boom lifts for sale, do not hesitate to reach out to NLEQ. We are standing among the most qualified experts in the field, and we cannot wait to provide top-tier services to our customers when it comes to used construction equipment as a whole or used straight boom lifts in particular.

Boasting reliable performance as well as ease of use, this particular machine is employed for various different projects, from harvesting fruits to let you carry heavy objects from the ground to higher elevations. Most people would be inclined to go for a mint-condition straight boom lift for sale when the need arises, but is it really the optimal choice? Stick around, and you will soon find out!

The great benefits of JLG 1100SJP straight boom lifts

The used JLG 1100SJP straight boom lifts for sale that you are searching for are, first and foremost, pieces of machinery usually employed in construction tasks. This piece of equipment boasts a and extendable boom, much like a telescope. Unlike articulating boom lifts, the boom is not made up of several articulated subsections, and there is a working platform at the end of the boom.

A straight boom lift can be used in many different projects, no matter whether they are agricultural ones or construction ones. For example, a straight boom lift can help you harvest fruits more easily by giving your harvesters a ride to the top of the tree. It can also be employed to help construction workers take on hard tasks at higher elevations without any issue.

Why getting used JLG 1100SJP straight boom lifts for sale will be a great idea

The first thing you need to remember is that a straight boom lift does not come cheap. Some newer models can be quite expensive, so buying one will usually mean a huge spending, and you will be left with only little money. On the other hand, spending on used JLG 1100SJP straight boom lifts for sale is a much less expensive option, and it also means you will have quite some money left for other matters, helping your business to grow in all aspects.

Many tend to assume that a used straight boom lift cannot match the performance of a new one due to technological mismatches between the two generations, but this is not always true. Construction equipment such as telescoping boom lifts generally gets updated very irregularly, so the gap is sometimes negligible.

In case you are finding for used JLG 1100SJP straight boom lifts for sale, never hesitate to contact our employees at NLEQ. We have been in operation for more than 20 years, and there are few who know about construction equipment more than us. Don’t hesitate to contact us now for more information!

A straight boom lift, also called a straight aerial lift, is a durable machine designed for carrying workers, tools, and materials to high elevations in a variety of industrial settings, including construction, telecom, and maintenance. It features a straight, telescoping boom that reaches outward and upward to provide a stable platform for workers to perform their duties.

Telescopic aerial platforms come in various sizes and work loads, with working heights that can elevate 70 to 170 feet or higher. They also feature a continuous 360-degree turntable rotation and a robust hydraulic system which helps with smooth and controlled movements even at max height.

These versatile lifts are equipped with mutlple safety features to ensure that operators are protected while they perform their tasks. They include guardrails, hydraulic outriggers, emergency lowering systems, platform capacity sensors, and automatic shutdown systems.

Straight boom lifts are widely used in building for tasks such as renovation, facility upkeep, window washing, and HVAC maintenance. However, they are also used in telecommunications, energy, and other industries for a variety of applications that require elevated access. Whether you’re a building manager or a maintenance worker, a man lift is an investment that can provide long-lasting value for your operations.