Used Merlo 40.30 MCSS For Sale


Although a European make, Merlo telescopic handlers have gained quite some popularity in the United States as well. Manufactured in Piedmont, Italy, these zoom booms employ state-of-the-art technology to assure the safety and comfort of the users without compromising its performance. If you need a used Merlo 40.30 MCSS telehandler for sale, NLEQ can help you out.

For a long time, the name Merlo has been standing out for innovation in the field of zoom booms. Merlo has been producing heavy-duty machines since 1964 and their offerings display great versatility. Consequently, they have developed highly innovative machines that have enjoyed a good degree of success in international markets.

When Merlo zoom booms became popular in the US, they created designs that are specifically built to satisfy the requirements of the construction and agricultural industries of the US. They were superior and technologically advanced products that are sold at an affordable price point.

Merlo zoom booms are rigid, but they pack huge power and deliver superior performance. These reach forklifts feature some of the biggest cabs in the market, thus providing users with additional comfort. While several manufacturers decrease the size of their units to operate in tight environments, Merlo was one of the few that found the balance between the two elements.

Used Merlo 40.30 MCSS Telehandler for Sale

Merlo 40.30 MCSS zoom boom is all about its chassis design. The whole architecture is technology-forward during its time, which is evident in how the telehandler was built in a very compact manner. Additionally, a Merlo boom structure’s mechanical system can stand the test of time and pressure.

As another huge plus, Merlo 40.30 MCSS telescopic handlers work with a variety extension components. Its boom structure protects its own electrical system effectively. Because these systems are not seen from the exterior, the chance of them being damaged while being used is lower.

Merlo 40.30 MCSS Telehandler

In 1987, Merlo patented a shooting boom forklift unit that has its engine mounted on the sides. Such a feature led to the creation of the first-ever panoramic view cab design for zoom booms. By that time, Merlo telehandlers were hailed as one of the highly preferred pieces of equipment in the construction industry.

The Merlo 40.30 MCSS telehandler is balanced, flexible, and easy to use. It can work in many types of terrains and spaces. It is also easily controlled confuse new users, thanks to its well-designed engine. This model comes with a top array of great features, all of them making the product reliable and results-driven.

Where to Get Used Merlo 40.30 MCSS Telehandler for Sale

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