Used Snorkel TB42 For Sale

A straight boom lift is perhaps one of the most commonly used construction machines. With the best telescoping boom lift, you can lift both heavy objects and workers to higher elevations.

If you need a good straight boom lift, it might be a good choice to opt for our used Snorkel TB42 straight boom lift for sale! These pieces of equipment are high-performing machines that could work in many different projects, and they could fill in several different roles at the working site.

Getting a used straight boom lift might seem like a weird option, but it is certainly quite viable for businesses that do not possess a lot of capital. The best part is that most used straight boom lifts can still perform as well as a new one!

Why and when you will need a straight boom lift

A straight boom lift is a piece of machinery made to assist you in lifting heavy objects or workers and bring them to higher elevations with ease, cutting down on project completion time. This piece of construction equipment boasts a straight boom that can be extended and retracted by an operator in the cabin, similar to how one would extend or retract a telescoping. Thanks to this design, it is also commonly known as a telescoping boom lift. At the end of the boom is a working platform for workers to stand on, helping them to complete tasks more comfortably.

Naturally, a straight boom lift is most often used in construction or engineering tasks, when you have to bring workers to higher grounds to complete tasks on the roof or the ceiling. That said, telescoping boom lifts are also quite useful in many agricultural job sites as well, as the man platform could be used to help farmers harvest fruits without any risk of accident.

Buying used Snorkel straight boom lifts for sale is a solid solution

Our used Snorkel TB42 straight boom lifts for sale sit among the most solid machines from the brand Snorkel. Touting unmatched flexibility and performance, these models will complete their assigned tasks without straining the operator. Though they are of older models, our used straight boom lifts for sale can still catch up with newer models thanks to the fact that construction equipment does not receive yearly updates as phones do. It could take years before a game-changing updates in the design are released.

If you purchase used construction equipment, you will only need to wait for the delivery time, as the model is already available at the dealership. If you buy a new piece of construction equipment, the model will sometimes have to be manufactured and then shipped to the dealership first, which could elongate the waiting time.

If you are looking for the right used Snorkel TB42 straight boom lifts for sale, NLEQ will definitely be a great business partner. With over 20 years of experience in the field, we are confident that we can handle your needs when it comes to construction equipment. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!