Used Xtreme Reach XRM1254 For Sale


Xtreme Reach telescopic handlers are designed by Xtreme Manufacturing, which is one of the biggest producers of heavy-duty machines in the US and beyond. They specialize in shooting boom forklifts, allowing the brand to enjoy a good share of popularity in many parts of the US. If you are looking for this machine, please check out our used Xtreme Reach XRM1254 telehandler for sale here at NLEQ.

One of the top features of Xtreme Reach zoom booms is its long lifespan and low ownership cost. These units are designed with a focus on serviceability. They come fully equipped with state-of-the-art features too, such as wide-angle operator view, built-in boom lift, and integrated panel control.

Experience the extreme difference when using an Xtreme Reach shooting boom forklift. These machines offer smooth boom operation, improved work area view, safety, and a highly functional boom. These are great machines as they’re created to outdo other similar pieces of equipment in the market.

For quite some time, Xtreme Reach shooting boom forklifts have set the standards in areas related to reliability in the construction equipment industry. In fact, one of the team’s goals when creating the Xtreme Reach XRM1254 telehandler is to lower the instances of downtime on the site.

Used Xtreme Reach XRM1254 Telehandler for Sale

All Xtreme Reach zoom booms are fitted with regular features like 360-degree visibility, durable boom rollers, innovative boom lift point, and intuitive operator controls. The telehandlers also come with a suspension seat.

These units bring forth a wide array of other options as well, like various cab or tire choices. It may work with a fixed carriage and personnel platform so you could use it for all types of uses that you may require on the field.

Xtreme Reach XRM1254 Telehandler

Our inventory includes a huge collection of heavy-duty equipment, and you’ll find them on this website. Aside from Xtreme Reach telehandlers, we also sell construction equipment from other brands such as Ingersoll Rand, Genie, and Skytrak. OThis used Xtreme Reach XRM1254 telehandler for sale features just the right capacity for various agricultural or construction projects. Explore the various features of this unit and make it work hard for your project. You’ll be nicely impressed at what these pieces of equipment may offer, like meeting your deadline quicker than imagined.

Xtreme Manufacturing has headquarters in Nevada where they build these telehandlers. But if you’re in need of a used Xtreme Reach XRM1254 telehandler for sale, National Lift Equipment Company will be your one-stop destination. We always have your back and we are committing to delivering any used construction machines that you need.

Where to Purchase Used Xtreme Telehandler for Sale

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A telehandler, also known as a lull or a reach forklift, is a piece of equipment commonly used in the agriculture industry. It is similar to a forklift but has a boom, making it more a crane than a forklift, with the expanded versatility of a single telescopic boom that can extend forward and upward from the vehicle. The boom can be fitted with different attachments, such as a bucket or a winch.

In construction, the most common attachment for a reach forklift is pallet forks and the most common application is to move material to and from places unreachable for a standard forklift. For instance, telehandlers have the ability to move palletized cargo from within a container and to place that product on to rooftops and other elevated places. The latter use would otherwise require a crane, which is not always practical or time-efficient in a construction zone.

In the agricultural industry the most common attachment for a lull is a bucket grab, and the most common application is to transport to and from places unobtainable for a ‘conventional machine’ which in this case is a wheeled loader or backhoe loader. For example, teleporters are able to reach directly into a high-sided trailer or hopper. The latter application would otherwise require a loading ramp, or something similar.