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Are you looking for a used Altec A77-TE93 articulating boom lift for sale? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right spot! We at NLEQ carries a reliable stock of the Altec A77-TE93, and we are always ready to provide assistance if necessary.

The Altec A77-TE93 articulating boom lift is a superior model that can help you to bring workers to a higher elevation. In terms of design, it shares a lot of similarities with a telescoping boom lift. Both have a boom that can be extended at will, and both are used to bring heavy objects or workers to a higher elevation.

However, unlike the telehandler, an articulating boom lift does not come with a straight boom. Instead, its boom is made up of several knuckles that hinge upon one another, allowing the machine to reach tight spots with ease.

An articulating boom lift such as the Altec A77-TE93 is most suitable for getting heavy objects over an obstacle, as the knuckles can hinge on one another to allow the working platform to get around the obstacle easily. Articulating boom lifts also excel in limited work conditions, where a straight boom lift might not be able to fully extend the boom. The biggest downside of an articulating boom lift lies in its capacity. Usually, it has a lower capacity as compared to a straight boom lift.

Why a used Altec A77-TE93 for sale will be your best bet

A used Altec A77-TE93 articulating boom lift for sale is a top-tier model from the brand Altec, providing not only great performance but also superior handling.

Altec A77-TE93 Articulating Boom Lift

This machine can handle heavy lifting with ease thanks to its 7-feet telescopic upper boom. There is also an elevator that will add extra reach, helping you to get to higher elevations and getting through tough obstacles with ease.

Other than top-tier design, this model also provides complete ease of mind to operators. It boasts a fall protection system that will make sure to keep all operators safe and sound throughout the operation. This articulating boom lift will be a great long-term investment for all contractors.

Where to find the best used Altec A77-TE93 for sale?

NLEQ is proud to be a top name in the field of used construction equipment. Our experts have had more than two decades’ worth of experience in the field, and we are always looking to improve our services as well as our stock.

Other than a used Altec A77-TE93 for sale, we also stock other pieces of equipment such as straight boom lifts, towable boom lifts, scissor lifts, etc. The brands we carry are vast and diverse, including famous names such as JLG, Genie Lift, SkyTrack, etc. If you need a certain model, don’t hesitate to let us know. We might be able to source that specific model just for you. We also provide financing options for customers who request them.

Whenever you need to find a used Altec A77-TE93 articulating boom lift for sale, don’t hesitate to let us know. We will provide the best possible assistance to help you find the right used construction equipment you need!

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