Used Genie GS3246 For Sale


If you have been looking for used Genie GS3246 scissor lifts for sale for a long time, and there has been no satisfactory response, then you should feel lucky today! Our fleet of scissor lifts, which has several used Genie GS3246 scissor lifts for sale, will be ready to serve you, and they are definitely a reliable solution to any construction issues you have to face at the construction site.

Most people would choose new construction equipment when they start building their business, reasoning that because newer is always better. However, the reality is a bit more complicated than that, and sometimes, even dated scissor lifts can still compete with newer models with regards to performance, making it much more viable to buy used scissor lifts for sale.

Genie: Magic in a bottle

True to its namesake, Genie manufactures miraculous machines that have helped a lot of businesses and contractors to push themselves to the limit in many different job sites. Since its birth in 1966, Genie has always impressed its clients with plenty of high-performing and reliable lifting machinery that will offer stellar results. The manufacturer always tries to fulfill every customer’s requests while looking to offer safer construction solutions, letting workers take on many different tasks without any risk of accidents. Aside from committing to superior and reliable launches, Genie also plays its part in reducing waste and fostering more valuable communication with clients to strive for better products.

Genie GS3246 scissor lifts are highly capable lift machines that will allow construction workers or farmers to get to otherwise out of hand zones that even ladders cannot reach. Scissor lifts come with stacked tubes which cross one upon the other, creating the shape of a pair of scissors. This structure will help stabilize the working platform on top, allowing it to carry the more workers or the load with ease.

Genie’s scissor lifts are available in two main types: slab scissor lifts or rough-terrain scissor lifts.

Genie GS3246 Scissor Lift

Slab scissor lifts are born for concrete paths, and their tire designs allow them to work much more easily on job sites that feature flat concrete slabs. Meanwhile, rough-terrain scissor lifts are considerably more heavy-duty, so they can brave rough terrains with zero issues.

With a Genie GS3246 scissor lift, most jobs that call for access to higher grounds will be much easier to accomplish.

Why you should consider choosing used Genie GS3246 scissor lifts for sale?

For businesses who cannot spend a large amount of money to purchase a brand new Genie scissor lift, buying used ones will be a much more reliable solution. Used construction machines such as our used Genie GS3246 scissor lifts for sale are much less costly, so this is the more accessible options for small businesses. You will also have more money for other aspects of your business if you choose this option.

Many might voice their concern that used construction machines might not perform as well as new pieces, as they are of older models. This simply is not true in most cases because construction equipment does not receive yearly updates as phones do. New radical changes within the field often take years to materialize. As a result, most of the time, used Genie GS3246 scissor lifts for sale are still as capable as any new model.

Our experts at NLEQ have thoroughly checked the pieces to ensure that they are in functional conditions, allowing them to easily serve you and your company for years to come. We will do our best to request inspection reports for our construction machines, and if the situation requires, our experts will sometimes do the inspection steps by themselves to make sure that the pieces of construction equipment are working nicely.

In case you are looking for the suitable used Genie GS3246 scissor lifts for sale, you have come to the right spot! NLEQ has been sitting among the most popular experts in the industry for more than 30 years, offering satisfactory construction equipment for our buyers. We are confident that our stock of used construction equipment will be able to answer whatever construction needs that you have.

If you are unable to buy our products right away, we also offer several financing choices that will help you to speed up the purchasing process. If you need more information about the financing options, or if you have any questions that you would like to ask our experts, don’t hesitate to give us a shout! We will be more than happy to help!