Used Genie S65 TRAX For Sale

Looking for a good piece of machinery to assist you in getting to higher elevations easily? It might be a good option to look for used Genie S65 TRAX straight boom lifts for sale! This piece of equipment features a straight boom, as well as a working platform attached at the end. This boom will help the lifts to easily take workers or heavy objects to higher floors.

For start-up businesses, it might be tempting to buy new construction equipment, since it is supposed to be in the best condition. That said, in case you have a tight budget, buying used construction equipment is also quite rewarding.

What are straight boom lifts?

Even if you are not an expert in the industry, there are chances that you have seen a straight boom lift before. This piece of equipment features a drivable control cabin with four wheels and a boom, which comes with a flat platform attached to its end. The boom can be extended and retracted like a telescope, allowing it to get to higher places with ease. Unlike articulating boom lifts, the boom on straight boom lifts is completely straight. This means that a straight boom lift is generally used for outdoor projects.

This machine is commonly seen in many operations, including both construction and agricultural projects. In the agricultural industry, these machines are employed as tools to assist workers in getting to the top of a tree, allowing them to harvest fruits without any risk. In the field of construction, with a straight boom lift, you can easily lift heavy objects or construction materials to higher floors without having to carry them by hand.

Why used Genie S65 TRAX straight boom lifts for sale are a good idea

Genie S65 TRAX Straight Boom Lift

Genie is a famous manufacturer in the industry, and their straight boom lifts definitely deliver top performance. That said, in the case that you have just started out your business, purchasing used Genie S65 TRAX straight boom lifts for sale should be a more sensible solution for various reasons.

For starters, new straight boom lifts are generally expensive, so buying one means that you will have little left to spend on other aspects of your business. However, if you get a used straight boom lifts, a cheaper alternative, your budget can be allocated to other matters with ease.

Furthermore, when you buy a used straight boom lift, chances are that it is ready for shipping at the dealership, so you would only have to wait for the delivery. Conversely, at times, your preferred new model might not be available at an official dealership, so you will have to wait.

We at NLEQ stock some of the best used Genie S65 TRAX straight boom lifts for sale around. Having prospered in the industry for more than two decades, we will provide you with all the help you need regarding used construction equipment. Call us right away if you need help!