Used Genie Scissor Lifts For Sale


Those looking for a reliable and versatile scissor lift will certainly find our stock of used Genie scissor lifts for sale a great option. These high-performing machines have all been vetted thoroughly to make sure that they can deliver good results without cluttering your job site. As these pieces of equipment are manufactured by the famous brand Genie, their performance and versatility are assured.

Most people would choose to buy new pieces of construction equipment, but is this really the most viable option? For some businesses with a limited budget, perhaps getting a used piece of construction equipment will be a better alternative

What is a Genie scissor lift and what can it do?

Genie is a familiar name in the field of construction equipment, especially if you are a veteran. Starting out in 1966 by inventor Bud Bushnell, Genie is a pioneering company in the field of aerial work platforms and lifting equipment. Genie’s products include a wide range of lifting equipment, varying from telescoping handlers to scissor lifts, allowing them to serve in many different kinds of construction projects. Genie also puts a strong emphasis on the safety of the operators, so their machines always come with plenty of safety measures, making sure that they will minimize any risk of injuries.

Genie’s scissor lifts are characterized by their iconic scissor-like stacks of crossed tubes. These tubes are designed to take on the weight of the working platform, allowing the lift to slowly raise it to higher elevations with relative ease. Most scissor lifts are quite compact and easy to handle, and they also do not have a control cabin as telehandlers do. Scissor lifts are also divided into two main categories: slab scissor lifts or rough terrain scissor lifts. Slab scissor lifts are intended for even concrete slabs, so their wheels are covered by non-marking solid tires. Meanwhile, rough terrain scissor lifts are designed to help you get over rough and uneven terrains, so their tires are a bit more heavy-duty.

Scissor lifts are capable of many tasks, including, but not limited to:

  • Helping farm workers pick fruits on the treetops
  • Allowing you to fix overhead cables
  • Letting you work on the roof or on the ceiling or a construction site

Why getting used Genie scissor lifts for sale is a good choice for businesses

Used Genie scissor lifts for sale are available at a considerably much lower price than new pieces. For new businesses, this is a boon that is not to be missed, as they will also need money for other expenses of their business. As all of our products have been thoroughly vetted, sometimes by our own professionals, you can be sure that they are in good working conditions.

If you need help getting used Genie scissor lifts for sale, don’t hesitate to let us know! Your satisfaction is our own happiness, so we will provide the service you require with a smile. Contact us now for more information!