Used Genie Z20/8N For Sale

Genie Z20/8N is a power indoor articulating boom lift that offers precise positioning and ultimate versatility. This machine can lift workers up and over areas that are relatively hard to access. We guarantee that you’ll find high-quality used Genie Z20/8N for sale here at NLEQ.

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Quality Used Genie Z20/8N for Sale

Genie Z20/8N is more popularly known as the up-and-over articulating boom that’s mainly used to navigate height obstacles in factories and warehouses. It has a base width of merely 32 inches, allowing access to many confined areas. It is also small enough to be driven through standard-sized doors.

Perhaps one of the best features of the Genie Z20/8N manlift is its articulating jib that rotates 180 degrees. Positioning the jib right where it should be is fairly simple. It also has no tail swing, which means the lift linkage will not rotate or extend past the drive chassis.

Controlling the Genie Z20/8N is relatively smooth with its multiple disc brakes. The proportional drive and lift functions of this equipment allow for accurate positioning, especially in fairly tight areas. It also comes with roll-out trays for easy access to the hydraulic subassembly and its batteries.

Genie Z20/8N has a working height of 26 ft, a reach of a little bit more than 8 ft, and lift capacity of 400 lbs. It boasts of high angle steering, auxiliary power unit, hour meter, and non-marking tires made of solid rubber.

The used Genie Z20/8N for sale from NLEQ is best used inside buildings, congested areas and aisles. Since it comes with a versatile engine that’s powered with a 48V DC machine and diesel-powered generator, it can also be used outdoors and driven for a fairly good distance.

Because of its generally quiet and emission-free operation, the Genie Z20/8N may also be used in sensitive environments, including shopping centers, theaters and airports. Furthermore, the machine has also found a lot of applications in the construction industry. It may also be used on turf and sand, as much as it can be used on concrete grounds.

Used Genie Z20/8N for Sale from NLEQ

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