Used Genie Z34/22IC For Sale


The Genie Z34/22IC has been one of the best engine-powered self-propelled articulating booms in the market. With its excellent positioning and superior handling features, it can guarantee effortless access and maneuverability in various settings. Find quality used Genie Z34/22IC for sale here at National Lift Equipment.

The Genie Z34/22IC is known for its lifting versatility. It offers extensive outreach that allows users to go up, over, and out quite easily. This equipment also boasts of high ground clearance and a working height of up to 40 ft.

Quality Used Genie Z34/22IC for Sale

If you’re looking for quality used Genie Z34/22IC for sale, you’ve come to the right place. NLEQ offers not just Genie cherry pickers but also boom lifts, telehandlers, and payloaders of different brands and models.

Genie Z34/22IC is designed for indoor and outdoor use. It features zero tail swing and a tighter turning radius compared to other brands. This is why it can easily work in a lot of work areas, even the most confined ones.

Genie Z34-22IC Articulating Boom Lift

This articulating boom is quite powerful because it combines gradeability and speed. It means that most tasks at the job site can be done much faster and with higher efficiency. All these is made possible by the model’s outstanding drive traction that works overtime to keep the equipment moving even on rough terrains.

Positioning is also easier with the Genie Z34/22IC, thanks to its patented rotating jib. The jib can add another 6 ft to the equipment’s reach, thus allowing it to extend up to 40 ft high. Its powered rotation moves the platform horizontally and vertically at 180 and 139 degrees respectively.

The machine’s platform’s capacity is at 500 lbs., which is the standard among most Genie models. Such weight can raise two people off the ground safely, along with a few of their tools. The platform’s dimension is 2 ft 6 in by 4 ft 8 in.

The Genie Z34/22IC is built for rough terrains, making it one of the most versatile cherry pickers released. It may come in a two- or four-wheel drive model, which makes it ideal for a wide range of site requirements. Its extra-rugged build can work on worksites with irregular and bumpy grounds.

Where to Buy Used Genie Z34/22IC for Sale

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An articulating boom lift, also called a cherry picker are a widely used piece of equipment found around the world. These machines are commonly used in the manufacturing and maintenance industries. It is made up of a platform and an extendable boom that can stretch upward and forward from the machine.

In repair work, the most known attachment for a cherry picker is a man lift cage and the most widely used application is to move workers and equipment to normally hard-to-reach places. For instance, an articulating boom lift can be used to reach elevated areas such as the top of a stack or a bridge. The latter application would otherwise require a crane, which may not be practical or time-efficient on a work site.

In the agricultural industry, the articulating boom lift, also known as a cherry picker, is a type of machine that is commonly used for jobs such as the maintenance of tall orchards. The lift’s articulated arm allows the operator to reach high places and maneuver obstacles, making it ideal for tasks that require precision. Additionally, an articulating boom lift can be used for spraying pesticides in difficult locations and also for general maintenance of silos.

Used articulating boom lifts are a affordable solution for companies looking to reach high areas without the expense of purchasing new equipment. It is important to note that pre-owned man lifts should be thoroughly inspected by a qualified mechanic before use to make sure that it is safe and in good functioning condition.

If you are looking for an articulated boom lift for sale you’ve arrived at the right place. Search our website for great deals on used man lifts.