Used Genie Z34/22NRJ For Sale


The Z34/22NRJ is one of the rarest models of Genie Industries, and it is very much like the rest of the machinery included in the Genie Z34/22 series. It shares the same features, such as 30% drive performance gradeability and 4 mph travel speed. Check with us often as we’re constantly updating our inventory of used Genie Z34/22NRJ for sale.

The Genie Z34/22NRJ has a power motor controller without forward or reverse contractors. It also as no speed sensors because its engine is intelligent enough to handle such features on its own. As such, operators are expected to find it easy to use this equipment. This model is appreciated for its improved drive system reliability and reduced complexity.

Used Genie Z34/22NRJ for Sale

The Genie Z34/22NRJ has a self-leveling platform that features a 180-degree horizonal rotation. This feature allows for the precise positioning of the platform, thus making it easier for workers to perform their jobs.

The Genie Z34/22NRJ is quite versatile with its 40 ft 6 in maximum height, with the addition of a jib that expands over 4 ft. Its maximum horizontal reach is at 22 ft and 3 inches. The platform has a lift capacity of 500 lbs.

Some of the most notable features of Genie Z34/22NRJ are its dual flashing beacons and Sep-Ex drive system. It has zero front arm and tail swing, coupled by a 355 degrees non-continuous turntable rotation.

This Genie model has fully proportional controls and hydraulic platform rotation. Its jib boom has a 139-degree working range. Additionally, this model has solid rubber tires that won’t make marks on the floor.

The Genie Z34/22NRJ has a ground clearance of 5.5 in. Its platform dimensions are at 2 ft and 6 in by 4 ft and 8 in. Its wheelbase measures 6 ft 2 in and its maximum up-and-over clearance is at 15 ft and 2 in. The entire equipment weighs approximately 12,000 lbs.

Where to Get Used Genie Z34/22NRJ for Sale

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