Used JLG 1250 AJP For Sale


Getting to the height you need with a used JLG 1250AJP.

Do you find yourself struggling to reach the heights required with your current articulating boom lift? Maybe you have a used JLG 860SJ right now, and up until now it has always gotten the job done? But now it is time to move up, at National Lift Equipment we continously purchase and sell well maintained used JLG 1250AJP boom lifts. If we don’t have them in stock then they are just a phone call away with some exclusive connections in the used equipment industry.

When looking for a used JLG 1250AJP for sale, consider the fact that this is a very rugged and capable piece of equipment. With a maximum reach of 125’ and 63’ horizontally, there are very few places on a jobsite that won’t be within your reach. Not only that but it is fast, when operating at its max capability, it will have you from the ground to 120’ in just over a minute and a half.

Offering full 360-degree swing and a modest turning radius of just under 20’, a used JLG 1250AJP man lift is perfect for medium to large commercial applications. Not only that but it is also constructed of 100,000 PSI steel and offers dual 1000LB/500LB basket capacity, giving you both stability and capacity. This means you will make less trips up and down, which will drastically cut down your operating time, allowing you to carry more of the material you need to get the job done. All the while having the peace of mind knowing that you have the strongest materials available keeping you in the air.

JLG 1250 AJP Articulating Boom Lift

Used JLG 1250AJP Boom Lift

This model also offers an articulating jib (with 130-degree range of articulation) on the end of the main arm. This is going to allow you to fine tune your position in the air without having to engage and maneuver the main arm of the machine.

Whichever used JLG 1250AJP boom lift you decide on they all run on diesel engines. Later models run a very fuel efficient Tier 4 Engine that will keep your operating costs to a minimum. Everyone knows, the less refueling you need to do, the more work that can get done. Having a machine that is fuel efficient is something that we all want.

Whenever you are purchasing a new or used piece of equipment you want to make sure that you are getting the best possible deal. At NLEQ we specialize in the buying and selling of used construction equipment such as the used JLG 1250AJP boom lift, it is what we’ve done for for over 2 decades and we take pride in customer satisfaction. So, you can rest easy knowing that we do our due diligence making sure that the equipment you receive from us is something to be proud of. We strive to provide you with the best possible value we can.