Used JLG 1644 For Sale

JLG telehandlers can surely get things done. Here at NLEQ, our used JLG 1644 telehandler for sale is one of the best for commercial and residential construction projects, particularly for ones that involve steelwork and framing. This used JLG telescopic handler can take workers around tight work areas to let them finish the job fast.

Raise your team’s productivity using our high-quality telehandler that works with total power, flexibility, and accuracy. These are what you can enjoy from this JLG shooting boom forklift and all other construction equipment with the JLG brand.

The toughness of the JLG 1644 telescopic handler can decrease the stress associated with moving heavy stuff, therefore eradicating those difficult days at the worksite. Trust this device to ease you through tight deadlines and finish the task on time.

Functional Used JLG 1644 Telehandler for Sale

JLG shooting boom forklifts are highly known for their quality and accuracy. They have a durable hood and some polymers that can resist heat. They also come with a highly durable boom that can effortlessly raise heavy payloads farther than what is expected. This particular JLG model is designed for various types of worksite construction projects.

If you’re looking for a machine that you can depend on, get the JLG 1644 telehandler. This piece of equipment is made to work longer and function with little to no downtime. The JLG emblem is the proof of quality. These devices are also among the most preferred in the market.

The engineers who created JLG are very concerned about producing high-quality machines. As a result, industrial or construction site workers can rely on them all the time. This is true even though you’re getting a used JLG 1644 reach forklift.

The thing that’s great about this brand is their quality control center. They own a advanced quality testing area to ensure that each telehandler coming out of their company gives users nothing but high-quality devices when it matters most.

Workers can use a JLG reach forklift with confidence because these pieces of equipment are safe and secure. Once can’t be too careful when doing a job. JLG telehandlers are created to make it easier for operators to work through different types of terrain. Materials are being moved with high efficiency.

JLG’s cab is built to give workers a better vision. It also has sensors and cameras to tell the user of obstacles behind the device. This device also stabilizes itself automatically. That gives operators peace of mind when working with extremely heavy loads.

JLG 1644 Telehandler

Why Get Used JLG 1644 Telehandler for Sale

JLG shooting boom forklifts are the kinds of construction equipment that work hard everyday. So, if you need one of these for the project that you have now, you’ve come to the right spot. Here at NLEQ, we sell a handful of highly functional used JLG 1644 telehandler for sale.

NLEQ offers a huge fleet of high-quality used construction machines, from reach forklifts to cherry pickers. We have all models, like Caterpillar, Merlo, and SkyJack, among others.

If you’ve found the device that you want in our store, call us right away. Allow us to inform you more about the equipment and possibly provide you with a nice financing option help you with the purchase. We’re also interested in purchasing used equipment, which suggests that we may devise a deal like a trade.

Surf through our inventory of construction equipment and get the one that works for you best. Inspect our used JLG 1644 telehandler for sale and reach out to us if you have any questions. We’ll make owning these machines easy for you. We have been working in the used equipment industry for over 30 years now, which is your guarantee that you’re buying from the best.