Used JLG 60H For Sale


In the field of construction as well as civil engineering, there will be times when you have to take a worker to higher elevations so that they could work on their tasks. Ladders are definitely the first tool that springs to mind, but they are quite flimsy and won’t take you very high up. In these situations, a used JLG 60H straight boom lift for sale will help you to get the job done. With a man basket attached at the end of a boom, this machine will allow you to reach high elevation in a completely safe manner.

If you are starting out in the construction industry, many would probably tell you to buy a new straight boom lift. However, have you ever considered buying a used JLG 60H straight boom lift for sale? Rest assured that this option will be a better one most of the time!

Used JLG 60H straight boom lift for sale – applications

Straight boom lifts, also commonly referred to as telescoping boom lifts or stick booms, see a lot of applications in construction, engineering, and lots of other fields. These machines feature a long and straight boom that can quickly extend and protract in a matter of minutes. The end of the boom features a basket that is attached to it, and any employee can just walk on that platform and it will bring him to a high elevation, bringing him to otherwise inaccessible spots.

JLG 60H Straight Boom Lift

You need a lot of space to move your straight boom lifts around. However, their stability is generally top-notch. Straight man lifts are the perfect choice for your bridges or highway projects. This kind of machinery is also one of the best tools to put your workers on an inaccessible corner. The vast majority of straight boom lifts will allow the worker to control the boom from the basket, so you won’t need an operator at the base.

Buying a used straight boom lift can help you save a lot of cash

For small and medium sized businesses, it can be pretty difficult to purchase a new straight boom lift, as they can be quite costly. Sometimes, you will also have to wait for the manufacturers to produce the equipment first before it is sent your way, this wait might take a bit of time.

With a used JLG 60H straight boom lift for sale, you’ll be less likely to spend a fortune buying your construction equipment, as used straight boom man lifts are comparatively cheaper than new ones. They are also readily available, so all you have to do is to wait for the delivery.

Used straight boom lifts – performance is still as good as new ones’

One of the most common misconceptions in the industry is that newer is always better. This might be true for mobile phones, but it’s way more complicated for construction equipment as a whole. Most construction equipment does not get new features every year, and it could take quite a bit of time before there are any remarkable changes in the field. For this reason, there won’t be many differences in performance between a used straight boom lift and a new one. Even if you do end up buying a new one, you won’t actually gain a huge technological advantage as compared to using a used man lift.

NLEQ’s used straight boom lifts are always on top of the game

NLEQ is proud to have been in the industry for more than 20 years, and we know how to provide you with the best used JLG 60H straight boom lift for sale in your neck of the woods! We always acquire an inspection report for all of our used construction equipment so that we can evaluate the pieces’ condition. More often than not, our expert mechanics will perform inspection checks themselves to make sure that your used construction equipment can perform well for years to come.

Trying to find the right used JLG 60H straight boom lift for sale? Your search ends here! Come to NLEQ whenever you are in need for the best used straight boom lifts or any used construction equipment in general, and our professionals will be on standby to provide the best assistance!

A straight boom lift, also called a telescoping boom lift, is a heavy-duty machine designed for lifting workers, tools, and materials to high locations in a range of industrial settings, including construction, telecom, and maintenance. It features a straight, telescoping boom that reaches outward and upward to provide a stable basket for builders to perform their duties.

Telescoping boom lifts come in multiple sizes and capacities, with working heights that can reach 50 to 170 feet or higher. They also feature a continuous 360-degree turntable rotation and a powerful hydraulic system which helps with smooth and controlled movements even at max height.

These versatile lifts are equipped with a range of safety features to ensure that workers are protected while they complete their work. They include guardrails, hydraulic outriggers, emergency lowering systems, platform capacity sensors, and overload protection.

Telescopic aerial platforms are commonly used in the construction industry for tasks such as painting, building maintenance, sign installation, and electrical work. However, they are also used in telecommunications, energy, and other industries for a variety of applications that require elevated access. Whether you’re a contractor or a maintenance professional, a straight boom lift is an investment that may provide long-lasting value for your operations.