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The criteria for purchasing a used JLG straight boom lift for sale has many variables. The market for boom lifts has improved and grown dramatically in the past fifty years. This had made finding used JLG straight boom lifts for sale a more rewarding, yet a sometimes complicated, experience. Today’s boom lifts come in a large variety. There are small man lifts that can barely reach twenty feet and then there are mammoth-sized aerial lifts that extend well above two-hundred feet. Chances are, your needs are somewhere in between these two extremes.

JLG has been a pioneer in the man lift market for the majority of its existence. Whenever you want to see the latest and greatest boom lifts on the market all you need to do is look at their catalog. Few other companies have machines that can compete, much less surpass what they have available.

The only problem with buying the newest and the best through a JLG supplier is the price tag. Not to mention, there will typically be a newer model in the next 9 to 12 months. That makes your huge investment a bit of a waste. Instead, your goal should be to find used JLG straight boom lifts for sale that are capable of handling your workload.

Estimating Your Needs For A Used JLG Straight Boom Lift.

You can’t find a lift capable of handling your workload until you fully understand what that load is. How much weight will you be moving on a regular basis? How high up will it be going? How far will it need to extend horizontally? How many people will need to fit on the platform? What additional concerns, such as fuel efficiency and the ability to handle rough terrain, are important?

These are all very important questions that must be answered before you can purchase a used aerial lift. Of all these questions, perhaps the most important is how far up will you need to go? Similarly, how far out horizontally will you need to go? These two specifications are what define most lifts.

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The weight capacity is next in line in terms of importance. However, you have a couple of options here that you give some slight wiggle room. For one, it may be possible to decrease the weight being transported and increase the number of trips. This isn’t always the case, but it may be. Second, most JLG cherry pickers have a “heavy-duty variation”. This is a variation of a particular model with an increased weight capacity.

Searching for used man lifts using the above specifications will narrow down the list significantly. You can then apply your additional concerns, such as possible attachments, fuel efficiency, and terrain options to that list. Even then, you’ll likely end up with a list of more straight boom lifts than you n

Your next step is to compare that list to the available stock of used JLG straight boom lifts for sale at at NLEQ. If they have one of the models you want and the price looks good, then there’s no reason to search elsewhere for one of the other models. If not, then you can always request that particular model. Used JLG Boom Lifts that we almost always have available include:

The professionals at NLEQ are capable of hunting down used JLG straight boom lifts for sale and acting as a broker unless we already have them in stock. At the end of the day, you know you can always find the best used cherry picker for the job using the NLEQ website.

A straight boom lift, also referred to as a telescopic aerial platform, is a durable machine designed for lifting workers, tools, and materials to high locations in a range of industrial settings, including construction, telecom, and maintenance. It features a straight, telescoping boom that reaches upward and outward to provide a stable basket for builders to perform their tasks.

Telescopic aerial platforms come in various sizes and capacities, with working heights that can elevate 90 to 190 feet or higher. They also feature a continuous 360-degree turntable rotation and a powerful hydraulic system which helps with smooth and controlled movements even at max height.

These versatile lifts are equipped with a range of safety features to ensure that workers are protected while they complete their work. They include guardrails, hydraulic outriggers, emergency lowering systems, platform capacity sensors, as well as overload protection.

Telescoping boom lifts are commonly used in the construction industry for work such as roofing, facility upkeep, sign installation, and electrical work. But, they are also used in telecommunications, energy, and other industries for a variety of applications that require elevated access. Whether you are a building manager or a maintenance worker, a straight aerial lift is an investment that can provide long-lasting value for your operations.

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