Used JLG Towable Boom Lifts For Sale


If there’s one brand of aerial lifts that can be found in any country in the world it would be JLG. They are globally recognized leader in heavy construction equipment and, in particular, aerial work platforms. Finding a used JLG towable boom lift for sale is not difficult at all. Basically, just about every company that sells used construction equipment will have a section of JLG equipment. The difficult part is finding a supplier you can actually trust.

That’s where National Lift Equipment comes into play. Just as JLG is one of the biggest names in lift equipment, NLEQ is one of the biggest names in used construction equipment. You can always find man lifts manufactured by JLG in their stock, as well as lifts from most other manufacturers like Genie and Snorkel

A Cherry Picker With Portability In Mind

Often times, when you think of something being “portable” you think of it is as being smaller, lighter, and not quite as powerful. That’s only partly true when it comes to towable man lifts from JLG. They are indeed smaller because they lack most of the chassis and body, which also makes them lighter. However, they are just as functional as their electric and gas powered counterparts.

Being extra portable simply means it’s much easier to move from one job site to the next. You don’t have to purchase special heavy equipment just for moving your heavy equipment. You simply connect it to a trailer and drive your JLG towable boom lift next job site.

Finding a used JLG towable boom lift for sale is ideal for the entrepreneurial contractor. For example, if you have a business where you paint the exterior of homes. Chances are, you move through multiple homes in a week. It would take a lot of work to transport a diesel lift with you each time. It would also be pretty difficult to navigate through a person’s lawn.  The same would apply if your business was trimming trees or making repairs to the exterior of buildings. National Lift Offer The Top 2 JLG Towable Boom Lifts For Sale:

A cherry picker would help you tremendously in all of these cases, but your typical lifts would simply be too bulky to move around efficiently. That’s why portable, towable boom lifts are your best option. They come in some variations, but the primary line of JLG towable lifts at the moment is the Tow-Pro series.

JLG Tow-Pro Towable Aerial Lifts

For now, there are two primary Tow-Pro models on the market. The first is the T350 and the second is the T500J. Both of them are compact, lightweight, and very powerful. The 350 has a horizontal outreach of 20 feet and 2 inches with a platform height of 34 feet and 5 inches. The JLG T500J towable boom lift extends upon that with an outreach of 30 feet and a platform height of 50 feet.

You can find both of these man lifts and any other used JLG towable boom lift for sale on our National Lift Equipment website. They are ideal for outdoor work, especially in residential areas.

JLG Towable Boom Lift