Used Lull 844C-42 For Sale

Since they started, Lull telehandlers were exclusively manufactured by JLG. This trademark is known as one of the most innovative shooting boom forklifts released back then. These devices are particularly created for outdoor worksites. If you need a used Lull 844C-42 telehandler for sale, we at National Lift Equipment are more than happy to assist you.

Lull telehandlers originate from a special product line at JLG. A Lull telehandler can be used for every type of terrains, including the most difficult ones. These reach forklifts are generally used for raising heavy materials.

What’s so great about Lull shooting boom forklifts is their patented chassis frame. It allows for an easy retracting action, allowing laborers to go further as necessary. This feature gives the device supplementary length to do the work without the need to move the whole device.

Lull reach forklifts are certainly flexible machines. They are mostly utilized in industrial sites, particularly for maintenance-related applications. This piece of equipment is rather portable too, which means it can be transported easily from one location to another.

Top Quality Used Lull 844C-42 Telehandler for Sale

The reliable truck body of a Lull shooting boom forklift is possibly among its most salient features. The other feature is its mighty boom arm that can raise different types of loads. These devices are extremely efficient and simple to use.

The the drive within a Lull telehandler can’t be denied. Properly trained personnel find this construction equipment as powerful yet easy to use. It ranks among the top industrial telescopic handlers that JLG manufactures.

A feature that makes Lull telescopic handlers better than the rest is its patented precision system. This feature, as well as its other forward looking ones, like the all-wheel steering and four-wheel circle, makes it easy to maneuver when compared to others that look like it released in the market.

Lull telescopic handlers are also known in the agricultural industry. Aside from transferring heavy load, they can also be utilized for cleaning job sites. This piece of equipment can lift materials to certain heights, which is the reason why it can be used for a broad array of projects.

Furthermore, different attachments may be used with a Lull shooting boom forklift, more particularly forks. This makes the device a authentic lift-and-place tool, appropriately making it more preferable than customary forklifts. The other attachments that can be used with Lull telescopic handlers are work platforms, carriages, truss jibs, and garbage hoppers.

Why Buy Used Lull 844C-42 Telehandler for Sale

If you’re looking for a used Lull 844C-42 telehandler for sale, you have come to the right place. NLEQ has a few of these machines on sale, which means you may be able to possess them once you decide to complete the sale.

Lull was first manufactured by Legrand in 1959. Legrand was a company based off Minnesota, and they changed their name to Lull Engineering in 1963. The company announced bankruptcy in 1992, allowing Stamatakis to purchase them.

Soon after, South Carolina businessman Badger Bazen bought the company and called it Lull Industries, and after that Lull International. In 1996, the company merged with SkyTrak. Soon after, JLG acquired it. Lull was one of the industry leaders in telescopic handlers during its peak.

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