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Are you interested in used Nifty articulating boom lifts for sale? The Nifty brand is famous for its booms that are perfect for industrial tasks, as well as the maintenance jobs. Their machines are heavily used in Europe, the USA, and various other parts of the world. They are well known for their low weight articulating boom lifts, which excel when it comes to the performance and have a very low impact on the environment. They build their products to be very narrow so they can be kept in tight spaces.

As a result, some machines can even fit through normal doorways. Their boom lifts are made using light materials, which makes it possible to drive them to a location in various boom positions. A single person is able to move a boom lift by pulling it to the desired location. This saves you time, money and most importantly, it increases the efficiency of the operator. When it comes to the maintenance of their machines, it is very simple because they are initially built using the finest materials including the durable hydraulic hoses. The only hard work that you have to do is to service a few easy to access grease points. Each of their products is heavily tested in order to fully optimize them and making sure that all the safety standards are fulfilled.

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Nifty Articulating Boom Lift

When searching for used Nifty articulating boom lifts for sale, these are the following machines available to choose from:

Regarding the operation of the machine, there are most often two sets of controls that are used for driving, as well as the bucket lifting and positioning. The controls allow fine adjustments of the machine by providing the maximum accuracy and smooth operation. These are all located in the bucket of the boom lift. Nifty cherry pickers are known for their hybrid machines since the year 2011 when they have launched their first hybrid articulating boom lift. Nifty booms are perfect to be used for painting jobs, removing tree branches, or maintenance jobs. Each basket is able to rotate 180 degrees, allowing the operator to conduct various movements on different heights. Furthermore, the booms are equipped with manual outriggers, which are considered to be cost-effective and very easy to set up. However, the operator needs to understand that these machines are intended for serious tasks. In other words, all the safety procedures, including how to use the harness.

In general, it is necessary to pay attention to your surroundings since you are likely to interact with various objects. So if you are looking for used Nifty articulating boom lifts for sale, feel free to check the models presented on the website of National Lift Equipment (NLE). These are all in great condition and have been regularly serviced. Their prices are very affordable and can satisfy the needs of any customer even the ones with the highest demands.

An articulating boom lift, also called a cherry picker are a widely used piece of equipment found throughout the world. These devices are commonly used in the manufacturing and repair industries. It is composed of a base unit and an articulating boom that can reach forward and upward from the machine.

In the maintenance industry, the most known attachment for a telescoping boom lift is a man lift cage and the most widely used application is to transport tools and personnel to normally unobtainable places. For example, a knuckle boom lift can be used to access high areas such as the top of a tower or a dam. The latter application would otherwise require a bucket truck, which may not be practical or time-efficient on a work site.

In agriculture, the articulating boom lift, also known as a cherry picker, is a type of apparatus that is commonly used for jobs such as the maintenance of tall vineyards. The lift’s articulated arm allows the operator to reach high places and maneuver blockages, making it ideal for tasks that require accuracy. Additionally, an articulating boom lift can be used for fertilizing in difficult locations and also for general maintenance of farm buildings.

Used articulating boom lifts are a affordable solution for businesses looking to reach elevated areas without the cost of buying new equipment. It is important to note that used man lifts should be thoroughly inspected by a qualified technician before use to make sure that it is safe and in good functioning order.

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