Used SkyJack Telehandler For Sale


Whenever you need a lot of heavy lifting, don’t hesitate to look to our used SkyJack telehandlers for sale for extra help! These highly mobile machines will allow you to lift heavy objects or materials and bring them to higher elevations with ease. Telehandlers also come with a boom, so you can easily reach tight spots with these machines. With a good telehandler, you will be able to handle a lot of tasks at your jobsite.

While most people tend to go for new telehandlers, we offer a very good alternative that can help you save not only money but also a lot of time: used telehandlers. With a reliable used SkyJack telehandler, you can achieve great results!

SkyJack: About the brand

With a stellar track record, SkyJack is one of the most reputable names in the field of telescopic handlers. Combining top-notch durability with simple and robust designs, SkyJack has created many of the most versatile and all-around telehandlers that are capable of handling a lot of different tasks with ease.

Skyjack’s telehandlers are also extremely easy to control, making them some of the best choices around when you have just started up your business.

SkyJack Telehandler

What can used Skyjack telehandlers for sale do?

Like most telehandlers, used Skyjack telehandlers for sale are perfect for heavy lifting. If you need to take heavy objects to higher elevations, this machine will certainly be a great choice. You can also fit a working platform at the end of the boom to let the telehandler take your workers to an elevated jobsite. Finally, telehandlers are also particularly useful in agricultural projects, as they will be able to take on a plougher extension and help you with various tasks around the farm.

Why you will benefit greatly from used Skyjack telehandlers for sale?

Buying a used telehandler will provide you with a set of great benefits that a new one cannot bring. For starters, used telehandlers do not cost nearly as much as new ones, allowing you to save a lot of cash for other purposes. Another thing to keep in mind is that these telehandlers are readily available at your local dealerships, so you would only have to wait for the delivery. Meanwhile, some new telehandler models are not available at the dealerships, so you might have to wait for the model to be manufactured, which can take a bit of time.

Finally, it is important to keep in mind that most used telehandlers can still function as well as a new one. Telehandlers rarely get game-changing upgrades, so even new telehandlers will use roughly the same technologies used in used telehandlers.

If you are looking for the best used Skyjack telehandlers for sale, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Our experts have had more than 20 years of experience in the field, and they will be glad to provide whatever assistance necessary to help you find the right telehandlers. Call us now for more information about our stock!

A telescopic handler, also known as a lull or a zoom boom, is a piece of equipment widely used in the agriculture industry. It is similar to a forklift but has a telescopic cylinder, making it more a crane than a forklift, with the increased versatility of a single telescopic boom that can reach upward and forward from the vehicle. The boom can be fitted with different attachments, such as pallet forks or a winch.

In industry, the most common attachment for a lull is pallet forks and the most common application is to move material to and from places unattainable for a conventional forklift. For instance, reach forklifts have the capability to remove palletized product from within a container and to place that cargo on to rooftops and other high locations. The latter application would otherwise require a crane, which is not always practical or time-efficient on a job site.

In agriculture the most widely used attachment for a teleporter is a bucket, and the most common application is to move loads from and to unobtainable for a ‘conventional machine’ which is typically is a wheeled loader or backhoe loader. For example, zoom booms are able to extend directly into a high-sided trailer or hopper. The latter application would otherwise require a loading ramp, or something similar.