Used Skytrak 10054 For Sale


Are you looking for a good telehandler for your construction projects? If so, then you should definitely look for a used Skytrak 10054 for sale. This model boasts amazing performance and great utilities, allowing you to easily accomplish a vast array of tasks.

Buying used construction equipment might not sound like the best idea, but it is actually quite beneficial if you are on a tight budget. Here are some situations where you might benefit more from used construction equipment than new one.

When should you look for a used Skytrak 10054 for sale?

It is true that buying a new telehandler should probably be one of the best choices if you don’t really know a lot about construction equipment, but this investment is going to be noticeably very expensive. If you don’t have a huge budget ready, it is going to be quite difficult to justify spending so much on the equipment. Furthermore, if you want to resell your equipment later on, its value will be greatly depreciated.

Buying a used Skytrak 10054 for sale, however, is a different story. Here are the cases where you could definitely use a used telehandler like a Skytrak 10054:

  • When you have a tight budget: Evidently, if your budget is not huge, you should consider buying used construction equipment instead of new one. Buying used items will help you to save a considerable amount of money, and you could use this money for other investments!
  • When you need the equipment immediately: The thing about buying new equipment is that sometimes, it is not shipped out your way immediately. You might have to wait for the equipment to be manufactured before they are shipped. Used telehandlers, or construction equipment in general, are readily available, so you should receive your telehandler much sooner than expected.
  • When you want to resell your equipment after some time: Reselling used equipment is much more beneficial, as the value will not be heavily depreciated. You could still offer a good deal if you are selling used construction equipment.

Skytrak 10054 specs

This is a powerful and versatile model, specializing in lifting heavy objects to higher ground. Boasting an impressive rated capacity of 10,000 lb., this amazing machine will lift anything you throw at it easily. The boom can reach a height of 53 ft 2 in., and its maximum forward reach is 38 ft 9 in. This telehandler is powered by a powerful 74 hp engine, and it does not Diesel Exhaust Fluid to operate. The operating cabin comes with an optional air conditioner to add extra comfort for the driver.

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