Used Skytrak 5028 For Sale


Are you looking for used construction equipment, especially a used Skytrak 5028 for sale? If so, then you have come to the right place! We are experts in the field of used construction equipment, and we have been in the business for more than 20 years. If you need the right experts to help you with your purchase, we are here for you.

Understandably, you might have some doubts about buying used construction equipment, as most people tend to believe that new telehandlers always perform better and last longer. This is not the full, truth, actually, and in the article below, we are going to explain why a used telehandler isn’t actually a bad choice.

What will you gain if you buy a used Skytrak 5028 for sale?

The thing about telehandlers is that they age really well. This kind of tool does not change as rapidly as an iPhone, so even if you buy a used telehandler, you won’t have to worry about failing to catch up with current technologies.

It simply isn’t true to say that every used telehandler is of sub-par quality. Good dealerships vet their sources quite carefully, and they often receive inspection reports to make sure that the equipment they receive is up to industry standards. For this reason, if you find good dealers, you won’t have to worry about the quality of your used Skytrak 5028 for sale. This option will also allow you to save a considerable amount of money, as used telehandlers don’t cost nearly as much as new ones. You could use this amount of saved money to invest in other matters instead.

Furthermore, if you opt to buy a used telehandler, you wouldn’t actually have to wait for a long time. New telehandlers have to be manufactured sometimes, severely affecting your delivery time. Meanwhile, a used Skytrak 5028 for sale is readily available and can be shipped to your doorstep in no time.

Finally, it is generally a good idea to buy a used telehandler instead of a new one if you want to resell your telehandler later on. New telehandlers get depreciated pretty badly, so it is very hard for you to find a good deal.

Skytrak 5028 specs

The specifications of your telehandler are extremely important, as they will tell you what a tool is good at and how best to use it. This model is a fast and powerful telehandler which is capable of lifting up to 5,000 lb. Its boom can reach a height of 27.8 ft, allowing it to reach many hard-to-reach spots. It is powered by a powerful Cummins engine with a total output of 80 hp.

When you need to find the right used Skytrak 5028 for sale, don’t hesitate to ask our experts for help! With a stellar track record of more than two decades, we are confident to be among the best experts on the field, and we are always ready to lend you a hand if you contact us!

A telehandler, also known as a lull or a reach forklift, is a piece of equipment often used in the agriculture industry. It is somewhat like a forklift but has a telescopic cylinder, making it more like a crane than a forklift, with the increased versatility of a single telescopic boom that can extend upward and forward from the vehicle. The boom can be fitted with different attachments, such as pallet forks or a winch.

In industry, the most common attachment for a zoom boom is pallet forks and the most common application is to move loads to and from places unattainable for a conventional forklift. For example, zoom booms have the ability to remove palletized product from within a box truck and to place that material on to rooftops and other high locations. The latter use would otherwise require a crane, which is not always practical or time-efficient in a construction zone.

In agriculture the most widely used attachment for a zoom boom is a bucket, again the most widely used application is to move loads from and to unreachable for a ‘conventional machine’ which in this case is a wheeled loader or backhoe loader. For example, lulls are able to reach directly into a high-sided trailer or hopper. The latter application would otherwise require a loading ramp, or something similar.