Used Genie Towable Boom Lift For Sale


If you want the power and capability of an articulating boom lift, but you also want it to be easily transported from one job site to the next, then what you need is a towable lift. You can find all types of great deals on used Genie towable boom lifts for sale on our website. Genie towable boom lifts are highly recommended for outside work up to 55 feet and 6 inches off of the ground.

Genie doesn’t currently manufacture a huge variety of towable lifts. Though, if you look at all available options on the NLEQ site coming from multiple manufacturers, then that variety increases greatly. The latest line of JLG towable man lifts has two available models, as does the latest line of towable lifts from Genie. Both product lines are similar in terms of working height, lift capacity, and horizontal outreach. However, there are still some big differences between the two lines.

Genie TZ Line Of Towable Man Lifts

The first of the two towable aerial lifts available from Genie is the TZ 34/20. It’s the smaller of the two models, but fully capable of handling many jobs. It has the 500-pound weight capacity you see with diesel and electric lifts but without the bulky chassis. It features a working height of 40 feet and a horizontal outreach of 18 feet and 4 inches. The overall “up and over clearance” is 16 feet and 1 inch.

The used towable Genie boom lifts for sale on this site have most of the same great features you find available on their diesel, electric, and dual fuel lifts. The self-leveling platform is great for boosting productivity and ensuring worker safety. It has the same variable speed control system and hydraulic outriggers. It also has a 359 degrees non-continuous turntable rotation. Slightly short of what you’re used to if you’ve used the diesel lifts.

The next model is the Genie TZ50. This is a compact, lightweight, and very powerful towable lift. It also has a weight capacity of 500 pounds. The working height for this model is increased to 55 feet and 6 inches with a horizontal outreach of 29 feet and 2 inches. Finally, an “up and over clearance” of 22 feet. This model is ideal for working on commercial buildings or at construction sites that are difficult to navigate.

Both of these models are seen often in residential use as well. Their portable nature makes it easier to move them through a densely populated lawn area. These towabe man lifts are great for working on the sides of homes. For example, repairing siding or exterior painting could both be made easier by purchasing a used Genie towable aerial lift.

Technically you can find 4 types of used Genie towable boom lifts for sale here at NLEQ. Some are the older models which function exceptionally well after the new updates. These four models are:

Genie Towable Boom Lift

If you’re a fan of the Genie line of cherry pickers and are in need of a towable lift, then look no further. You’ll find all of these used Genie towable boom lifts for sale here at NLEQ. And if you prefer a different brand, such as JLG, then you can find them there as well. Both are fully capable of handling whatever your job site demands.