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Massachusetts is the most populous state in the New England region of the United States. Bordering the Atlantic Ocean to the west, Massachusetts is a major center of the manufacturing industry as well as many cultural activities in the New England region of the United States.

The territory that would become the state of Massachusetts housed the second English settlement on the whole continent, Plymouth. It was here that the first Thanksgiving celebration was observed, and the first Thanksgiving last three days. During the Revolutionary War, the state was arguably the center of the entire independence movement. Important events such as the Boston Massacre or the Boston Tea Party all took place within the state of Massachusetts. After the war, the state became the center of the American Industrial Revolution, which transformed the economy from an agrarian one to a more industrial one.

The state of Massachusetts is the 7th-smallest state in the Union. Most of the old-growth forests in Massachusetts have been cleared in order to make room for farms, but as these new farms began to be abandoned, new secondary-growth forests have been growing steadily. Forests currently cover 62 percent of the state.

The capital city of Massachusetts, and also its biggest city, is Boston, a historically significant city that has played a pivotal role in the history of the US. Boston is also the largest city in the New England area, and it plays a central role in the economic development of the larger Boston Metropolitan Area.

The second-largest city is Worcester, which is named after Worcestershire in England. Due to its location in Central Massachusetts, it is also known as the Heart of the Commonwealth, and the official symbol of the city itself is a heart. 

Massachusetts Used Construction Equipment

Massachusetts Used Construction Equipment 

Due to the unprecedented development pace in Massachusetts, the demand for high-quality construction equipment is once again very high. Lifting machines such as telehandlers, straight boom lifts, or scissor lifts will help contractors to quickly complete any construction project with ease, contributing to the state’s development. If you need the top-tier used construction equipment, we are your one-stop destination! We at NLEQ specialize in:

  • Telehandlers: Telehandlers are some of the most versatile lifting machines. They come with a long and straight boom, and a slot for attachments at the end of the boom, which can be fitted with an aerial work platform or a bucket for agricultural projects.
  • Straight boom lifts: Straight boom lifts are similar to telehandlers as they also feature a straight boom and an attachment slot at the end of the boom. The difference is that straight boom lifts do not come with a drivable cabin.
  • Articulating boom lifts: These pieces of equipment are fitted with articulating booms instead of straight booms, helping them to get over obstacles more easily.
  • Towable boom lifts: As the name suggests, these kinds of lifts are designed to be towable by using a towing truck. 
  • Scissor lifts: Scissor lifts come with interlocking metal rods, which resemble the shape of many scissors stacking on one another. These pieces of equipment are manufactured for indoor maintenance tasks as well as outdoor construction tasks.
  • Spider lifts: Featuring four extended arms that are fixated strongly into the ground, these lifts boast exceptional stability.

Are you in search of the right used construction equipment in Massachusetts? With more than thirty years of experience in the field, we can confidently deliver the right model you need! Contact us right away for more information.