Used Construction Equipment Oklahoma

Located in the South Central region of the US, the state of Oklahoma shares its border with the states of Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, New Mexico, and Colorado. People who come from the state of Oklahoma are usually referred to as Oklahomans, or Okies, in some cases. As it is situated within the Great Plains, Cross Timbers, and U.S. Interior Highlands, Oklahoma boasts mostly ancient mountain ranges, forests, and mesas. The state’s name is derived from the Choctaw words “okla” and “humma”, which means “honored people”. Oklahoma is a major producer or natural gas, oil, and agricultural products.

Like all other US states, Oklahoma has been inhabited by Native Americans long before the arrival of Europeans. Some prominent tribes in the area were the Apaches and the Caddoan Mississippian Culture people. Spanish explorers first passed through the area in the year 1541, but it was the French who claimed the area in the 18th century. It became a part of the French territory until the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, when all French territory east of the Mississippi River became a part of the US. From 1819 to 1828, Oklahoma was still a part of the Arkansas Territory. It only became a state of its own in the year 1907. 

The largest city in Oklahoma, as well its capital city, is Oklahoma City. Famous for its livestock market, which is among the world’s largest, Oklahoma City is the 11th-largest city in the south of America. It is a center for oil, natural gas, and petroleum products in the country. It is also a part of the I-35 Corridor, which is one of the primary traveling corridors into Texas, Mexico, and other bordering states. The famous Cross Timbers ecological zone is located in the northeast section of the city.

Oklahoma Used Construction Equipment

Due to the unprecedented development pace in Oklahoma, the need for top-tier construction equipment is on the rise once more. Heavy machines like telehandlers, straight boom lifts, or scissor lifts will allow workers to quickly work on any construction project with ease, contributing to the state’s development. If you need the top-tier used construction equipment, we are your one-stop destination! We at NLEQ specialize in:

  • Telehandlers: Telehandlers are some of the most versatile lifting equipment. They feature a long and straight boom, and a slot for attachments at the end of the boom, which can take on an aerial work platform or a bucket for agricultural projects.
  • Straight boom lifts: Straight boom lifts are similar to telehandlers in that they also feature a straight boom and an attachment slot at the end of the boom. The difference is that straight boom lifts do not come with a drivable cabin.
  • Articulating boom lifts: These pieces of equipment come with articulating booms instead of straight booms, helping them to scale obstacles more easily.
  • Towable boom lifts: True to their name, these types of lifts are designed to be towed into the job site with ease. 
  • Scissor lifts: Scissor lifts come with interlocking metal rods, which resemble the shape of many scissors stacking on one another. These pieces of equipment are manufactured for indoor maintenance tasks as well as outdoor construction tasks.
  • Spider lifts: Featuring four extended arms that are fixated strongly into the ground, these lifts boast exceptional stability.

Looking for used construction equipment in Oklahoma? We are here for you! Our experts have been working in the field for more than thirty years, and they will be more than capable to help you with your needs. Call us right away for more information.