Used Construction Equipment South Carolina

The state of South Carolina is located in the Southeastern region of the US. True to its namesake, it is located south of the state of North Carolina. South Carolina also shares a part of its border with the state of Georgia, and the Atlantic Ocean. The state was the 40th most expansive state in the nation, and also its 23rd most populous state.

Human activities have been registered in the region since as far as 40,000 years ago. Native Americans, especially those from the tribes of Catawba and Cherokee, dominated the land before the arrival of European settlers. The Spanish were the first to explore the area. They founded San Miguel de Gualdape near present-day George Town in 1526. The town became the first settlement in the contiguous United States. However, it was quickly abandoned afterward. The French then established a colony in the area. It was also soon abandoned.

The first successful attempt to colonize the area came from the British. They first established the Province of Carolina, named in honor of King Charles, in the year 1629, which also included North Carolina and Georgia. The state of South Carolina was one of the wealthiest constituents of the Thirteen Colonies. During the Revolutionary War, South Carolina was the 8th state to ratify the Constitution.

The capital city of South Carolina is Columbia, also its second-largest city. Columbia lies at the confluence of the Saluda River and the Broad River. The State Capitol of South Carolina is located in the city of Columbia as well.

The largest city in the state is Charleston. Founded in the year 1670 as Charles Town, the city was once a major slave trading post. Now, it is a popular tourism spot for domestic and international travelers.

South Carolina Used Construction Equipment

South Carolina Used Construction Equipment

Due to the unprecedented rate of development in South Carolina, the need for high-quality construction equipment is on the rise once more. Heavy machines such as telehandlers, straight boom lifts, or scissor lifts will help contractors to quickly work on any construction project with ease, contributing to the state’s development. In case you need the top-tier used construction equipment, we are the partner you need! We at NLEQ provide:

  • Telehandlers: Telehandlers are among the most versatile lifting equipment. They feature a long and straight boom, and a slot for attachments at the end of the boom, which can be fitted with an aerial work platform or a bucket for agricultural projects.
  • Straight boom lifts: Straight boom lifts look closely related to telehandlers in that they also feature a straight boom and an attachment slot at their end. The difference is that straight boom lifts do not come with a drivable cabin.
  • Articulating boom lifts: These machines come with hinged booms instead of straight booms, allowing them to scale obstacles more easily.
  • Towable boom lifts: True to their name, these types of lifts are designed to be towed into the job site with ease.
  • Scissor lifts: Scissor lifts come with interlacing metal rods, which resemble the shape of many scissors stacking on one another. These machines are designed for indoor maintenance tasks as well as outdoor construction tasks.
  • Spider lifts: Featuring four extended arms that dig deep into the ground, these lifts boast exceptional stability.

Whenever you need to find the right used construction equipment in South Carolina, don’t hesitate to give us a call! With over three decades’ worth of experience, we can help you source the right model for your project. Call us right away for more information.