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Wyoming is a state in the Mountain West region of the United States. The state of Wyoming is the 10th-largest state in the country, but it is also the least populated and the least densely populated state. Wyoming’s western portion lies within the ranges of the Rocky Mountains, while the eastern part is characterized by elevated prairies that are collectively called the High Plains. Packed between such terrains, Wyoming features a more extreme climate compared to the rest of the country. It tends to be drier and windier for the most part. Wyoming’s main industries are tourism and the extraction of coal, natural gas, and trona.

Before the coming of European settlers, the state of Wyoming had been inhabited by various groups of indigenous peoples, including the Crow, Arapaho, Lakota, and Shoshone. The Spanish were the first major European power to permanently settle in the area, claiming Southwestern Wyoming as a part of their Spanish Empire. Later on, it became a part of Mexico, before finally being ceded to the US after the Mexican-American War. The territory first gained its name of Wyoming in the year 1865. Wyoming was the first territory, and later, the first state, to grant voting rights to women. It became a state in the year 1890.

The largest city in Wyoming is also its capital city, which is called Cheyenne. As the principal city in the Cheyenne Metropolitan Area, the city is an important center of economic and cultural activities in the state. With a population of just about 91,700 inhabitants, the Cheyenne Metropolitan Area is the 354th-most populous metropolitan area in the entire country. It features a continental semi-arid climate, with cold, long, and dry winters.

Wyoming Used Construction Equipment

Wyoming Used Construction Equipment

Due to the rapid rate of development in Wyoming, the need for high-quality construction equipment is on the rise once more. Heavy machines like telehandlers, straight boom lifts, or scissor lifts will allow companies to quickly complete any construction project with ease, contributing to the state’s development. In case you need the top-tier used construction equipment, we are the partner you need! We at NLEQ specialize in:

  • Telehandlers: Telehandlers are some of the most versatile lifting machines. They feature a long and straight boom, and at the end of a boom, you can see an attachment slot, which can take on an aerial work platform or a bucket for agricultural projects.
  • Straight boom lifts: Straight boom lifts look closely related to telehandlers in that they also feature a straight boom and an attachment slot at the end of the boom. The difference is that straight boom lifts do not come with a drivable cabin.
  • Articulating boom lifts: These pieces of equipment are fitted with hinged booms instead of straight booms, allowing them to get over obstacles more easily.
  • Towable boom lifts: True to their name, these types of lifts are designed to be towable by using a towing truck.
  • Scissor lifts: Scissor lifts come with interlocking metal rods, which resemble the shape of many scissors stacking on one another. These machines are designed for indoor maintenance tasks as well as outdoor construction tasks.
  • Spider lifts: With four extended arms that are fixated strongly into the ground, these lifts are much more stable than others.

Looking for top-tier used construction equipment in Wyoming? We’ve got you covered! Our experts boast more than thirty years of experience in the field. They will be able to help you with whatever needs you might have! Contact us right away for more information.