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The state of Indiana is located in the Midwest region of the United States, bordering Illinois to the west, and Ohio to the east. Indiana is the 38th-largest state by area, and the 17th-most populous, in the United States. 

The land that would later become the state of Indiana had been inhabited by various indigenous peoples, all the way to as far as 8,000 BCE. The first European settlers to the region were the French fur traders, who traded European goods with the Native Americans for furs. The territory was ceded to the British after the French lost the Seven Years’ War. After the American Revolutionary War, the territory became a part of the United States. In the year 1816, it went on to become a state of the United States.

The state of Indiana belongs to the Great Lakes region of the US, bordering Lake Michigan in the northwest. Within the state are two natural regions of the United States: the Central Lowlands and the Interior Low Plateau. Central Indiana is a flat lowland with some low rolling hills, making it a superb farmland. The northern section of the state is somewhat similar, with noticeably higher elevations and many kettle lakes.

The largest city in the state, and also its capital, is Indianapolis. Located on numerous historic railway routes, the city is now an important transportation and manufacturing hub, earning it the nickname “the Crossroads of America”. Indianapolis also boasts vibrant markets in niche sports as well as auto racing.

The second-largest city in the state is Fort Wayne. Originally a military fort built by the US Army during the American Revolutionary War, the town quickly developed after the war had ended, and it is now a cultural and economic center of the northeastern region of Indiana.

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