Used Construction Equipment California

Situated on the Pacific Coast region in the far-west United States, the state of California is the most populous in all of US states, and it also ranks third nationally in terms of area. Boasting a powerful economy, the largest sub-national economy in the world, the state of California is an economic giant that plays an important role in the nation’s growth. California is also considered a global center of popular culture and innovations.

The state of California boasts a diverse range of geographical features. The western part of the state borders the Pacific Ocean, and it contains numerous metropolitan areas, including the Greater Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area, both of which are important commercial hubs. The northwestern region of the state is dominated by coniferous or redwood forests, while in the southeast lies the Mojave Desert. The climate also varies greatly, with temperate rainforest in the north, and arid desert in the interior.

California Used Construction Equipment

The state’s capital is located in Sacramento, which is the sixth-largest city in the state, and the ninth-largest capital city in the United States. Despite being the administrative center of the state, Sacramento is considerably much smaller than other population hubs such as Los Angeles or San Francisco. However, it is also the fastest-growing city in the States due to its status as a major financial center in the West Coast area.

The largest city in California is Los Angeles, with a population of close to 4 million inhabitants. Famous for its Hollywood entertainment industry, the city of Los Angeles boasts a robust economy with a gross metropolitan product of 1 trillion USD in 2017, making it the third-largest city in the world in terms of GDP.

San Diego is the second-most populous city in the state of California. Famous for its deep-water harbors, the city is most commonly associated with the navy and the marine.

California Used Construction Equipment

With the unprecedented rate of development in Alaska, the demand for top-tier construction equipment is once again very high. Lifting machines such as telehandlers, straight boom lifts, or scissor lifts will help workers to quickly complete any construction project with ease, contributing to the state’s development. If you need the top-tier used construction equipment, we are the partner you need! We at NLEQ specialize in:

  • Telehandlers: Telehandlers are some of the most versatile lifting equipment. They come with a long and straight boom, and a slot for attachments at the end of the boom, which can take on an aerial work platform or a bucket for agricultural projects.
  • Straight boom lifts: Straight boom lifts look closely related to telehandlers as they also feature a straight boom and an attachment slot at their end. The difference lies in the fact that straight boom lifts do not feature a drivable cabin.
  • Articulating boom lifts: These pieces of equipment are equipped with hinged booms instead of straight booms, allowing them to get over obstacles more easily.
  • Towable boom lifts: As the name suggests, these types of lifts are designed to be towed into the job site with ease.
  • Scissor lifts: Scissor lifts come with interlacing metal rods, which look like many scissors stacking on one another. These pieces of equipment are designed for indoor maintenance tasks as well as outdoor construction tasks.
  • Spider lifts: Featuring four extended arms that are fixated strongly into the ground, these lifts boast exceptional stability.

Looking for the right used construction equipment in California? Our stock of top-tier construction machines will be ready to help! Don’t hesitate to contact us right away if you need a certain model.