Used Genie Articulating Boom Lifts for Sale

Are you looking for used Genie articulating boom lifts for sale? National Lift Equipment keeps a large variety of these machines in stock. One of the first decisions you’ll have to make prior to purchasing is whether you want an electric, diesel, or bi-energy machine. For the most part, diesel machines are run outdoors while electric are run indoors. Though, you may find that an electric model suits you just fine outside. Genie has many great machines in both categories.

Electric Powered Genie Aerial Lifts

If you’re working indoors, then you obviously won’t be using a diesel powered machine. Instead, you’ll rely on one of Genie’s many electric or bi-energy aerial lifts. They are free of emissions and very quiet. You can safely run this equipment in even the most sensitive environments. The bi-energy option is best for machines that will be driven long distances on a regular basis.

They might be electric, but they are still powerful and capable. The Genie Z60 DC has a working height of more than 65 feet with a horizontal outreach of  more than 36 feet. Those are some fairly impressive stats for a cherry picker that runs entirely indoors.

The Z line of Genie electric lifts are powered by a 48V DC system. You can choose between jib or non-jib models. Both the non-jib and jib models have increased flexibility while the jib model has extra reach. The right choice will depend on your working environment. When looking for a used Genie articulating boom lift for sale you have other options.

Engine Powered Genie Cherry Pickers

Genie manufacturers some of the best engine powered man lifts on the market today. These machines are perfect if you’re working around some rough terrain outdoors. Most of their best models fall within their “Z” line of products. They have a wide range of working heights and can maneuver workers above and past some very difficult obstacles.

You’ll notice quite a few different options for used Genie articulating boom lifts available when looking through the stock at National Lift Equipment. They have the standard two-wheel drive as well as four-wheel drive models. They also have some with additional rough terrain accessories. For example, some used Genie articulating boom lifts for sale have tracks in place of tires. This makes it easier to traverse very rough and uneven terrain while working.

Even though they are engine powered, they certainly don’t sound like. The Z line of Genie aerial lifts utilizes a very quiet diesel engine set-up. Not only quiet but fuel efficient and very powerful. It almost sounds like an electric model, but it has the power of a diesel model. It’s the best of both worlds.

You’ll also have the option of jib or non-jib. The non-jib models have a self-leveling platform that can make a rotation of 90 degrees to either side. The jib models provide some extra working range that could be very useful in some circumstances.

Whether diesel or electric, you’ll find the machines you need at National Lift Equipment. They have all of the best used Genie articulating boom lifts for sale. If there’s a machine you want that they don’t have you can simply place an order and they’ll get to work finding it.