Used Manitou Telehandler For Sale

We at NLEQ offer some of the best used Manitou telehandlers for sale! NLEQ is one of the leading experts in used construction equipment and used Manitou telehandlers are among some of our all-time favorite offerings!

Telehandlers, or aerial work platforms, as some might prefer to call them as such, are among some of the most versatile pieces of construction equipment. With a telehandler, you will be able to do a lot of heavy lifting, as well as to bring workers to a higher elevation, allowing them to complete their tasks much more easily. If you need a top telehandler to help you with many different tasks, Manitou telehandlers will surely fit the bill!

Why choose Manitou?

Manitou is a company focusing on agricultural and industrial solutions that is quite famous in the States. It has been around since 1958, based on the ideas of its founder, Mr. Marcel Braud.

The brand has expanded considerably over the last century, reaching out to different markets such as Germany and the UK, creating a global network of top-notch dealerships. At the same time, the brand also produces innovative construction equipment pieces such as telehandlers and access platforms, providing a wide range of creative solutions to all of your problems!

Manitou Telehandler

Used Manitou telehandlers for sale: Applications

A telehandler is a piece of construction equipment that features an extendable boom that can move in many directions, making telehandlers much more mobile than your average forklifts. You can also attach tools or machinery to the end of the boom in order to convert the telehandler into a different piece of construction equipment. For example, you can add a plow bucket to the end of the boom so that your telehandler can be used in various construction projects.

Why choose a used telehandler?

Choosing used Manitou telehandlers for sale instead of new ones is a good decision when your budget is limited, as used telehandlers do not cost a lot, allowing you to spend your budget on other pressing matters. Many might think that used telehandlers cannot match newer models due to new technologies, but this simply is not true in most cases. Telehandlers technology changes quite slowly, so it often takes up to several years before there are game-changing changes in the field. For this reason, your used telehandlers can quite easily match new ones in terms of performance.

Another huge plus is the fact that used telehandlers are available almost immediately, as you will only have to wait for the delivery. If you want to buy new telehandlers, sometimes, you might have to wait for a few days for the model to be manufactured before it could be sent your way.

Used Manitou telehandlers for sale are reliable models that will certainly satisfy all your needs. Whenever you need to find the best Manitou telehandlers, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at NLEQ! We have had more than 20 years of experience in the field, and our experts are always ready to help!