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You might be tempted to get a crawler loader while looking for used crawler dozers for sale. There are numerous differences between them and at their core they have different functions at a construction site. Most construction sites have both dozers and loaders. Getting one of them can’t substitute for the other.

Looking through used crawler dozers for sale to add to your construction arsenal can be a wise step. For those who aren’t very familiar with different types of construction equipment and machines, we’ll discuss the differences between crawler dozers and crawler loaders.

Used Crawlers Dozers for Sale and the Difference between Loaders

Crawler bulldozers or dozers look like tractors. Their goal is to push things around a construction site. If you have sand, debris, or soil on the construction site and need them out of the way, a crawler dozer will take care of it for you. Large crawler dozers come with rippers attached to them. These rippers can help them crush objects before moving them.

The engine of a crawler dozer will be found on the front of the machine. These dozers run on tracks rather than wheels making them very suitable for irregular surfaces. If the construction site is in a raw area that hasn’t had any kind of work before and the surface is still rough, you’ll need a crawler dozer. Not just for its ability to move on the irregular surface, but also because it’ll help you get soil and sand out of the way. These machines are often involved in early parts of construction as there’s a little of sand removal and the surface isn’t prepared yet.

Crawler loaders also run on tracks rather than wheels. Just like crawler dozers, these loaders can operate very well on rough and irregular surfaces. One of the main differences between crawler loaders and dozers is that loaders have their engines in the rear rather than the front. Loaders are useful for digging and transporting objects by carrying them. Placing the engine in the back is strategic because it’ll counterbalance the weight of the objects being transported in the front of the loader.

For projects where there’s going to be a lot of digging and carrying, a loader will be required. If you’re new to construction, you need to understand that you don’t need to choose between a crawler loader and a dozer. Many construction sites have both because they serve different functions. What they have in common is that they’re heavy machines that run on tracks.

Small projects, however, might not need both. It might also be a good idea to look into used crawler dozers for sale rather than new ones. A new machine will cost more but the difference might not be massive. If you don’t care about the warranty, you’ll find used dozers that function like they’re new. Don’t rush into any deal. Determine your priorities and start filtering used construction equipment before buying.

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