Used Gradall Telehandlers For Sale

Telehandlers, or telescoping booms, as some might call them, are extremely useful pieces of construction equipment, and they are used in a lot of construction projects as well as agricultural ones. With a good telehandler, specifically with used Gradall telehandlers for sale, you will be able to bring objects up to a high elevation without any issue, and some telehandlers will also let you attach other tools at the end of the boom, allowing you to complete your tasks much more easily.

If you are looking for a good way to cut down on your spending while still getting a reliable Gradall telehandler, we would definitely recommend you to find used Gradall telehandlers for sale! Reliable and innovative, these machines will definitely help you a great deal on your projects!

About the brand

Gradall is a proud American brand with a focus on innovative and smart solutions for any construction problem. The story started in the 20s with the two brothers, Ray and Koop Ferwerda, who had emigrated from Holland to Ohio. The two brothers worked for several construction projects, and soon were able to start their own company, Ferwerda Brothers Construction Co.

Like most construction experts at the time, they had to rely on manual labor, which soon proved to be unsustainable due to the fact that military factories were also recruiting workers to prepare for war. This issue has inspired them to invent the Gradall, their first construction machine. The machine was a huge hit, and its name soon became the company’s. Since then, Gradall has been a reliable provider of industrial solutions to experts all around the US as well as the world.

Should you consider used Gradall telehandlers for sale?

Gradall’s telehandlers are extremely versatile and innovative, as they come with a powerful boom which can rotate, allowing you to complete many different tasks. But why consider used Gradall telehandlers for sale? This is because buying a used telehandler is much cheaper than buying a new one, and you probably would not want to spend your entire fortune on telehandlers!

If you are afraid that you might miss out on new updates, don’t worry! Telehandlers don’t get regular updates, and it could take years before there are new game-changing changes in the field. This is the main reason why you shouldn’t be worried that your used telehandlers might not be able to catch up with new ones.

As a cherry on top, used telehandlers are readily available, so you will only have to wait for the delivery. In contrast, sometimes, your local dealership might run out of your favorite model and you will have to wait a little bit longer for the telehandler to be manufactured.

Used Gradall telehandlers for sale are a certainly very solid choice, whether you need one for agricultural work or construction work. Whenever you need to find the right used Gradall telehandlers for sale, don’t hesitate to let us know. Our experts have had 20 years of experience in the field, and they certainly know how to help you!