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Getting a used light tower for sale for your construction site isn’t something that is only done for convenience. It’s also not as simple as getting a single light tower and placing it in the middle of the site. The first benefit of getting a light tower is that it’ll let you work after dark. There’s no reason to pack your bags and leave the construction site when the sun sets.

As more work gets done each day, the project will be over sooner than expected. Adding a used light tower for sale to the construction site will also make it safer. There are construction companies that add light towers not just at night, but also during the day for indoor or covered construction sites. Plenty of accidents can be prevented when there’s adequate lighting and workers can see where they’re going and their tools.

Finally, if you’re looking to eliminate criminal activity, you need to add light. Lighting construction sites at night will scare away potential thieves. The presence of light will give the illusion that someone might still be on the site and will make identifying criminals will be easier.

Used Light Tower for Sale: How Many Do You Need?

Determining the number of required light towers for a site should be your priority. Industrial, commercial, and residential construction sites can all benefit from the presence of light towers. Light towers also come in different sizes.

If you’re running a construction company, you’ll want to have several light towers available for use. Alternatively, if you’re working on a project at home and need the extra light, you can invest in one used light tower or even a rental. The type of light bulb used should also be chosen. Many people prefer metal halide bulbs. They use less energy so they’ll save you money and last longer than other types. They won’t need to be replaced as often as other types.

The more light towers you need, the more time you should spend looking for good offers. You might find sellers offering a group of light towers at a discounted price. Looking for used light towers should also be important to anyone looking to save money on their construction work.

An easy way to calculate your needs would be to know that every square foot needs 30 watts of power. If a light tower has four 1,000 watt lamps, it’s going to be enough for an area of 133 square feet. Take the time to properly place your light towers. By spacing them apart you’ll be able to light up a bigger area of the construction site. Their angles should matter too so you should make sure that there aren’t areas with too much light and others with none at all.

Getting a used light tower for sale won’t be difficult. Just take time to browse through models and determine how many towers you’ll need. Work efficiency and worker safety will be significantly improved with adequate lighting.

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