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When looking through different types of lifts you’ll find several models of a used push around for sale. Push around lifts is a type of industrial lifts that are used in maintenance and construction among other things. They’re often compared to atrium manlifts but there are significant differences between the two.

When looking for a versatile and more compact lift, you will most likely want to get a used push around for sale rather than an atrium manlift. We’re here to demonstrate the differences between them so you feel better about making a decision for your project.

Used Push Around for Sale vs Used Atrium Manlift

Different types of lifting equipment have different weights but both of these weigh loss than their counterparts. Push around lifts weigh even less than atrium manlifts. Weight is a major issue if you’re worried about weight restrictions or damage to tiles and wooden floors. Using a push around indoors will be a lot less traumatic than an atrium manlift and others. Push arounds can be maneuvered and pushed around indoors because they usually weigh about 800 pounds. Atrium manlifts, on the other hand, will weigh at least 3,600 pounds.

Push around lifts are small and compact. Their only competitors in term of compactness are spider lifts. Push around lifts can be moved through narrow hallways and easily stored. Since their lightweight and compact, they’re suitable for indoor work and even stocking high shelves at a store. Many schools, hospitals, and small businesses have push around lifts on-site in case they need to reach a high shelf or for repairs. The fact that they’re easy to store in small spaces gives them the edge over other types of lifts.

Not all jobs are as simple and many require heavier lifting capabilities and a higher reach. For these jobs, an atrium manlift would be your best option. The reach of atrium manlifts is about 35 feet which isn’t very high when compared to the average of push around lifts. The difference, however, is that atrium manlifts are extendable and can go up to almost 100 feet.

When it comes to lifting capacities, the atrium manlift is the winner. Atrium manlifts have an average lifting capacity of 440 pounds. Alternatively, the push around manlift has an average lifting capacity of 300 pounds. Again, a push around lift will be enough for most indoor projects and work but if you’re expecting to lift heavier objects and want them to reach higher, you’ll need an atrium manlift.

An atrium manlift is well-suited to outdoor and indoor work. By indoor work we mean large areas like airports and malls. They can be used to clean ceilings, paint walls, and change light bulbs. On the other hand, you should look into a used push around for sale if you need a lift for a school, hospital, shop, or community center. Their compact size, easy storage, and lifting capabilities will be well suited to that kind of work.

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