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If you’ve been browsing used drum rollers for sale, you might have noticed that there are two types: single and double. Ignoring the differences between them can be a big mistake. The difference between easy and complicated construction work can often be in the type of equipment.

By investing in the right drum roller for the job rather than flying through available used drum rollers for sale, you and your team will be better prepared. There are multiple other names for drum rollers that you might see. They’re commonly referred to as smooth wheeled rollers or static rollers.

Used Drum Rollers for Sale: Single vs Double

The first type of drum roller that we’re going to discuss is the single drum roller. Another name for the single drum roller is three-wheeled roller. This is because these heavy machines have a steel drum at their front end and two wheels at the back. The back wheels go a long way in preventing flat tires.

As one would expect, single drum rollers are smaller in size and more compact. If you need a drum roller to work in a tight space, a single drum roller would be the better option. Single drum rollers are often used for work on sidewalks, building foundations, and highways. Unfortunately, a disadvantage of these rollers is that they have particularly heavy front. The weight can make it difficult for them to roll over certain surfaces.

Next, we have the double drum roller. You might also see it being referred to as the tandem, just know that they both mean the same thing. As the name implies, double drum rollers have two drums with one of them being located at either end. Both drums contribute to the rollers movement. They also give it its great flattening capabilities. The two drums are everything. They’re responsible for movement as well as function. If you’ve ever seen a road being flattened and work on asphalt, you must’ve encountered double drum rollers. They’re effective at flattening surfaces quickly and efficiently.

Based on the available information, only you can determine the type of roller that’ll work for you. For a project involving a sidewalk or a compact area, you’d be better off getting a single drum roller. Alternatively, if you’ll be working on flattening asphalt and roads, double drum rollers would be the better option.

There’s no harm in getting used equipment as long as you can thoroughly assess it. Make sure the equipment is neither too old nor too damaged. Used construction equipment can still be used for several years while performing at the highest level. There’s no reason to long down upon getting used drum rollers for sale. You can save a significant amount of money on used equipment while getting excellent performance from them. It’ll come down to your search. Never rush buying equipment whether it’s new or used or you could end up with something that has little to no use to you.

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