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Interested in used skid steer loaders for sale? Skid steer loaders are considered by many of those who work in construction as a jack of all trades. These machines are diverse and versatile. Almost all construction projects need skid steer loaders. They also come in different sizes and can be equipped with different attachments.

People into construction who are interested in getting used skid steer loaders for sale have plenty to consider. We’re here to help you determine whether or not you need one for your project and then help you buy one. Let’s break them down into different sizes and see what each size is best for.

Used Skid Steer Loaders for Sale: Sizes and Uses

Skid steer loaders are classified into 3 major size groups: small frame, medium frame, and large frame. Your choice of size will depend on the space available to operate the skid steer loader, where it’ll be used, how far it’ll carry loads, and the type of work it’ll be involved in.

Small skid steer loaders are popular and versatile. They’re the best suited for indoor work as they can operate in passageways and tight spaces. If your goal is to use a skid steer loader for final grading, site development, landscaping, and patio or sidewalk work, a small skid steer loader should be your priority. These loaders are light in weight and profile. When equipped with hydraulic attachments, they can be used in minor demolition projects too.

Next, we have the medium sized skid steer loaders. When the construction project is too big for a small skid steer loader, a medium one will most likely do the trick. They can also work as substitutes for various different machines that are too big to bring onto the construction site. If excavators and diggers can’t be brought onto the site, they can be replaced with a medium sized skid steer loader. Plus, they can be equipped with tracks or tires so they can be driven over asphalt, sidewalks, and concrete plaza without subgrade rutting.

Large loaders are used when extensive work is required. Larger demolition work, extensive degradation, and extensive drilling can all be done using large loaders. If you’re trying to haul a lot of soil, you can equip your large loader with hydraulic attachments. Large skid steer loaders are also useful in forestry operations. It’s always a good idea to take time and think about what you want.

Buying the wrong size can be a big mistake. Get a skid steer loader that’s too small and it won’t be enough to get the job done. A large skid steer loader will be too big for an indoor project. Don’t rush into buying used skit steer loaders for sale even if you find a good deal. Your goal should be to get a loader that’ll get the job done and at a decent price rather than rushing into the first sweet deal you find. We’re here to help you through your search.

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