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There are plenty of lifts available in the country like boom lifts and scissor lifts. Spider lifts are also available and have their own advantages that many people aren’t aware of. Your first encounter might be finding used spider lifts and not knowing what separates them from other types of lifts.

The name “spider” lifts comes from the fact that these lifts have a narrow base with four legs for stability. They also have arms with hinges that make them flexible. By exploring the uses of used spider lifts, you’ll be in a better position to determine whether or not they’d be valuable assets to your construction work.

Used Spider Lifts Features and Benefits

The presence of hinges in the arms of spider lifts makes them flexible and capable of maneuvering around obstacles. How far the arms can extend will depend on the manufacturer but the average is about 100 feet. When trying to reach a difficult spot, a spider lift can be one of the best machines to have.

Boom lifts are difficult to transport. They need to be towed or transported using something that can carry very heavy objects. Spider lifts, on the other hand, are compact and light making transporting them a much easier task. Many spider lifts run on diesel and gasoline but there are models that run on batteries. The exhaust of engines running on gasoline and diesel is prohibited in most building and several areas. When that’s the case, you can use a battery powered spider lift to avoid breaking any regulations.

The best word that can be used to describe spider lifts is versatility. Many other construction machines and tools are either suited for outdoor or indoor work. Spider lifts are lightweight machines that can work indoors while also being durable enough for outdoor construction projects. Storing them won’t be a problem either as they can be kept in storage spaces as small as 6 feet tall and 30 inches wide.

Spider lifts can be used in most temperatures without trouble. Put your safety and that of your crew first though and avoid working in extreme conditions. They can carry up to 500 pounds and are easy to use even for someone that’s relatively new to operating spider lifts. Spider lifts are well suited to operate on steep terrains because most of them are track driven unlike other types of machines.

Anyone who has been in construction long enough will know spider lifts and their multiple uses. Their main features revolve around versatility. You can them indoor, outdoors, and for different kind of projects. When not in use, you won’t have trouble transporting and storing a spider lift. Many people are looking for used spider lifts because they’re valuable additions to most construction arsenals. Spider lifts come in different sizes and models. The amount of weight that can be carried by a spider lift and the type of energy it relies on will vary according to the manufacturer and model type.

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