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Straight mast forklifts are also known as rough terrain forklifts. Based on OSHA classifications, they’re classified as class 7 forklifts. There are plenty of benefits to getting used straight mast forklifts as opposed to new ones. The obvious benefit is that a used forklift will be much cheaper than a new one. Used construction machines like forklifts can often be in excellent condition. This will depend on how old they are, how often they were used, and whether they were regularly maintained.

There are different types of used straight mast forklifts and the price will vary accordingly. Straight mast forklifts have specific features that separate them from other types of forklifts.

Used Straight Mast Forklifts: Features

A rough terrain or straight mast forklift is one that is best suited for outdoor work. They are more than capable of driving over rough and uneven surfaces to transport heavy objects. What make them special are their tires, size, and weight capacity. Whether you need a straight mast forklift for farms, timber forestry, or construction site work, they’ll be reliable and effective at what they do.

If you’re primarily concerned with indoor work, you’ll rarely need a straight mast forklift. Its other name is a rough terrain forklift. There are other types more suited for indoor work in terms of size, maneuverability, and carrying capacity.

The tires of straight mast forklifts are pneumatic, large, and threaded. They guarantee stability and can be driven over rocky surfaces. The last thing you want when transporting heavy and valuable objects is for them to fall off an unstable forklift.

Types of Straight Mast Forklifts

The number of masts is what sets straight mast forklifts apart. There are forklifts with one, two, and three stage masts. Naturally, those with one stage mast have one channel and their carrying capacity is low. Their lift height is also pretty low. If you’ll be transporting objects that aren’t very heavy and don’t need to reach significant heights, a one stage mast forklift will be enough.

A two stage mast forklift is better in that it has a higher carrying capacity but its lift height is still low. Two stage mast forklifts can carry 15,000 pounds or more. They’re great for serious lifting but won’t go very high.

Finally, we have three stage mast forklifts. These are the most common type and are the most versatile. Because they have three stage masts, the heights they can reach are much higher. When one and two stage mast forklifts can’t get the job done, a three stage mast forklift will.

Investing in construction equipment requires future planning and insight. Getting a machine with low capabilities for a cheap price isn’t a bargain, it’s wasted money. Take the time to determine the type of used straight mast forklifts you should be looking into and then try to find a great deal. If the job will require a three stage mast forklift, you’ll need to spend a little more money.

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