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Excavators are made of a rotating cab, an arm, a bucket, and movable tracks. You should consider investing in a used excavator for sale if you’re about to take part in work that will require heavy soil lifting. Excavators have plenty of uses from breaking holes to digging trenches and even excavating mines.

There are a few differences that separate excavators from backhoes. Knowing the differences can help you determine what to get before searching for used excavators for sale. First of all, the cab of an excavator can rotate 360 degrees but the rotation in a backhoe is limited. For jobs that require heavy lifting, an excavator is a better option. While backhoes can perform some lifting, the arm of the excavator gives it the edge in this aspect. There are different types of excavators including crawlers, suction, long reach, dragline, and skid steer excavators.

Used Excavators for Sale: 5 Types

Crawler Excavators

Crawlers use hydraulic mechanisms that enable them to lift very heavy soil and other forms of debris. Another name for crawler excavators is compact excavators. They’re different from other types of excavators in that they run on two large tracks rather than on wheels. The chain wheels give them the edge in mining jobs and on uneven surfaces since they can easily slide down them with fewer risks. While they’re not very fast, they’re definitely more balanced and stable.

Suction Excavators

Suction excavators get delicate jobs done with as little damage as possible. The first step is to release water to loosen the ground then use suction with incredible force to remove debris. If your primary concern in a job is to reduce damage by over 50% then a suction excavator would be a great choice. It’s useful in delicate digging and the removal of debris with as little damage as possible.

Long Reach Excavators

The name says it all. When trying to perform excavation work in areas that are hard to reach, a long reach excavator can help. Thanks to its extendable arm that can extend more than 100ft, your construction or excavation work can be completed quickly. The arm can be equipped with various attachments depending on what you’re trying to do whether it’s crushing, shearing, or cutting.

Dragline Excavators

Dragline excavators are very heavy and usually relied upon in large civil engineering work. What makes these excavators unique is the hoist rope and dragline system. Don’t be surprised to find that dragline excavators are assembled at the construction site. This is because of their weight.

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