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If you’re searching for a used scissor lift for sale, there is quite a bit circulating throughout the market at the moment. This is great news for buyers, but it can make the purchasing process a bit overwhelming for first-time buyers. You’ll find plenty of options but how will you know which lift is right for the job?

The key to choosing the right used scissor lift is knowing the requirements of the job and then understanding the specifications of the lift. The process for choosing scissor lifts is a lot like choosing any other sort of aerial work platform. Knowing what you need, how to understand the equipment, and then finding the right supplier is all that’s required.

Knowing The Job

Knowing the job is usually the easiest part of the equation. You can’t start searching for scissor lifts for sale if you don’t know what you need the lift to do. What does it need to be capable of lifting? Where will be using the machine? How high will you need to go? These are just a couple of the important questions you need to have answered before you start looking for a used scissor lift for sale. Here are some others.

Answering these questions will help you determine exactly which used scissor lift is best for the job. You can use the specifications you have set down and compare it to the specifications of the many models available. In particular, the load weight and the height of the destination are extremely important.

And, of course, not all of these answers will be cut and dry. Sometimes the load weight will change, sometimes, the destination will change, and the load itself may change. Keep the possibility of change in mind when searching for a used scissor lift for sale. Consider purchasing a model that has specs that exceed your original calculations to a small degree.

The center of gravity of the load is important for choosing the right type of platform and lift. A load with a center of gravity in the center of the platform is the ideal solution. Some models are designed to hold unique load types while maintaining this ideal center of gravity.

The terrain is an important consideration because it will impact the type of tires or treads you use. Some self-powered lifts have four independent tires, some have two tracks, and some have four independent tracks that function a lot like tires.

Used Scissor Lift Additional Features and Specs To Consider

These questions alone won’t help you choose the best possible model. Why? Because you are guaranteed to find a few different models that fit your specifications. From there, you have to make your choice based on additional features, specs, and manufacturing considerations. For example, you may prefer a used JLG scissor lift or maybe a used Genie scissor lift instead. There are a handful of capable manufacturers in the industry today.

Another option feature you need to consider is the mobility of the machine. Do you need a self-propelled scissor lift or do you prefer used scissor lifts that are portable? A portable lift is lighter and cheaper but does have its restrictions.

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