Used Straight Boom Lift For Sale


Offering the best in used straight boom lifts for sale. It’s important to have the right kind of work platforms when you are on the job. If you need a platform that can extend telescopically, you are going to want to make sure you have a straight boom lift available to you. Purchasing a boom lift is a major expense; it’s not something that everyone can comfortably afford. If you’ve been looking at boom lifts for sale, you may be frustrated by the high prices you’re seeing. If you look for a used straight boom lift for sale, you’ll be able to get exactly what you’re looking for here at National Lift Equipment.

Finding A Used Boom Lift

If you’re going to be buying a used straight boom lift, you’ll want to make sure that you purchase a high-quality product. You’ll want to make sure that anything you buy has been well maintained and in good condition.

Finding a great reseller that specializes in selling used equipment is a great place to start.  At NLEQ, used boom lifts and telehandlers is our specialty. Whether you are looking for a used man lift for sale, or other quality used construction equipment, we have your covered. We offer a wide range of used cherry pickers, there’s a good chance we’ll have what you need.

Buying From The Right Brands 

If you have purchased industrial equipment in the past, you know that brand names matter. The best brands often produce equipment that is more durable than the equipment made by their competitors.

When you’re buying used, you should pay attention to the brands of every product. When you’re looking for used straight boom lifts for sale, you should look for equipment that is produced by brands that you respect.  Some of our top selling straight boom lifts include;

Getting A Great Deal 

The primary reason that people choose to buy used is because they want to save money. With that said, you shouldn’t assume that any used product is being sold at a fair price.

You should look closely at the condition that used equipment is in by requesting an inspection report. If you’re looking at cherry pickers for sale, you should make sure they’re free of any engine defects, electrical problems or major boom wear. The equipment you buy doesn’t have to be in like new condition, but it should be in excellent shape.

Compare Your Options  

When you look at a boom lift for sale, you shouldn’t assume that it is identical to every other used lift available. You should compare all the choices you have and work to find the best option available.

Carefully compare each of your options against each other. If you are looking at straight boom lifts, you should try to find one with the kind of features and utility that you need. Compare the condition of the lifts, and take the time to compare their pricing as well.

If you’re careful about what you buy, you should be able to get a great used boom lift that does everything that you need it to do.

Obviously, buying a boom lift is a major purchase.  At National Lift Equipment, If you try to find a used straight boom lift for sale, you’ll be able to get what you want while spending a lot less. When it comes to equipment like this, there’s no reason not to buy used.

A straight boom lift, also referred to as a straight man lift, is a heavy-duty machine designed for lifting workers, tools, and materials to high locations in a variety of industrial settings, including building, telecommunication, and upkeep. It features a straight, telescoping boom that extends upward and outward to provide a sturdy basket for workers to perform their tasks.

Straight boom lifts come in various sizes and capacities, with working heights that can elevate 70 to 150 feet or higher. They also feature a continuous 360-degree turntable rotation and a powerful hydraulic system which allows for smooth and controlled movements even at max height.

These versatile machines are equipped with mutlple safety features to ensure that operators are protected while they perform their work. They include guardrails, stabilizers, emergency lowering systems, platform capacity sensors, as well as overload protection.

Straight aerial lifts are widely used in the construction industry for work such as roofing, facility upkeep, window washing, and HVAC maintenance. But, they are also used in telecommunications, energy, and other industries for a variety of applications that require elevated access. Whether you’re a building manager or a maintenance professional, a straight boom lift is an investment that may give long-lasting value for your operations.