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Very few pieces of construction equipment can make a job as easy as a boom lift can. It’s the only piece of equipment that professionals trust when they need to lift their workers to various heights so they can get their job done safely and efficiently. And, unless you want to drive around what equates to a tractor on a daily basis, then you’ll want to find a used towable boom lift for sale.

A towable boom lift can serve a variety of different functions and is found at a variety of different job sites. At its core, it’s still doing the same thing. It is lifting workers off of the ground to where they need to be to get the job done. The workers then remain on the lift platform and do their job, whether that is construction, repairs, or whatever else.

The “towable” aspect adds a lot of flexibility to the machinery. Your standard boom lift is mounted on its own chassis with four wheels and an engine. It’s a great piece of equipment as well, but it’s fairly expensive and it’s more difficult to move over long distances as it generally requires a truck and trailer. A tow behind boom lift, on the other hand, can be hitched to a truck and easily transported wherever it needs to be.

Some Of The Used Towable Boom Lifts That NLEQ Offers:

In terms of specs and features, a towable lift and a standard man lift have a lot in common. Some specs are missing from the towable lift, such as the travel speed, engine type, and other specs that relate to movement. All of that falls to the vehicle that is transporting the lift. This lets you focus more on all of the other specs when making a purchase.

What sorts of specs are important when you’re searching for a used towable boom lift for sale? In a sense, they are all important, but some are a lot more important than others. So let’s examine some of the important specs you’ll see when looking for a towable boom lift for sale.

Horizontal Outreach On A Towable Boom Lift.

One of the first stats you’ll see for any towable manlift is its maximum horizontal outreach. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the first stats you’ll see for a lot of boom lifts. Telescopic boom lifts tend to offer the greatest horizontal outreach. It’s an important stat when you have to work above the ground and out of the way.

Typically, the maximum horizontal outreach is measured from the center of the lift’s rotation point to the edge of the platform. In some cases, this may include a slight extension beyond the guardrail, but very rarely. So while the maximum horizontal outreach may be 22 feet for a certain model, you may be able to work an extra foot or two beyond that.

Platform Height A Towable Boom Lift.

Another stat you’ll see for every towable boom lift is its maximum working height. This is a fairly easy stat to understand. It is measured from the ground to the point of the platform base. The guardrail is not included in this calculation. As the name implies, it is the height of the platform above the ground.

Working height is another stat that is somewhat similar. It is basically the platform height with a few extra feet. It is the distance you can safely work in while standing on the platform without any stretching.

Weight Capacity On Towable Man Lifts.

Finally, you will need to consider the weight capacity for any used towable boom lift for sale. This should be self-explanatory. It’s the maximum weight that the platform can lift up to the maximum platform height. In many cases, there is a restricted weight capacity that is double the max weight capacity but can only be lifted to half of the maximum platform height.

These are three important stats that work together. By knowing the needs of your job site, you can choose a used towable boom lift for sale that has the right stats.

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